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Ed Wall: The Photographer Behind the Mossy Oak Drake Mallard Shirt

landing greenhead

The newest in the line of Mossy Oak Companions embroidered wildlife shirts, the Drake Mallard Shirt, was designed using one of Ed Wall's photographs of a mallard landing on the water (pictured above.)

Ed Wall is infamous in the waterfowl world for his incredible photography; for 12 years, he’s spent countless hours sitting completely still at refuges, wildlife parks, and other waterfowl havens to capture the perfect shots. “It’s one of my favorite things in the world to do,” he says.

mallard shirt

snow geese

Snow geese captured by Ed Wall.

Make no mistake, though, Wall also loves to hunt them. When trying to pinpoint what it is about duck hunting that gets people obsessed, he says, “You’re interacting with a wild animal in the sky, you’re talking to them, having a conversation with them. And the comradery of it all—I’ve met some of my best friends through duck hunting.”

The Drake Mallard Shirt features embroidery of one of Wall’s shots: a luminous male mallard coming in for the land, his wings outstretched and green head shining. It’s the sort of moment that makes duck hunters around the world hold their breath in anticipation.

Wall says, “To me, these shirts jog some memory of a hunt you had when you were ten years old with your grandpa or dad. They feel like they’re from a simpler time, a slower paced time.”

And Ed Wall has been a great friend of Mossy Oak for a few years now. There've been plenty of mornings spent together under the rising Mississippi and Arkansas sun, and we're proud to feature one of his shots for the first waterfowl shirt in the line of wildlife embroidery Companions shirts. It was a fit that felt natural, and we think the shirt came out just right. 

Get the Drake Mallard shirt now at The Mossy Oak Store.

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