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Ducks Unlimited-Wisconsin set for 75th Anniversary Celebration


"Ducks Unlimited was born in January 1937 during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, arising from a group called “More Game Birds in America. … In the past 75 years, DU has conserved, restored and protected more than 12 million acres of wetlands in North America, making it the continent’s most prominent conservation group."

With more than 32,500 and 275 fundraising events in 2011, DU-Wisconsin raised more than $2 million to further Ducks Unlimited's conservation goals. Organizers are hoping to strengthen ties between policy makers and its membership, conservation partners, and business partners. Educating policy makers is a key concern since, as Nels Swenson, DU-Wisconsin’s public policy chairman and past state chairman, noted, "We’ve come to realize many people don’t know about wetlands and their complexity, and they can wipe out much of our work with one stroke of a pen."

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