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Dakota Solutions Offers New Decoy Conditioner

Decoy conditionerMossy Oak and Dakota Solutions Outdoors have collaborated to produce Mossy Oak-patterned Decoy Conditioner. The announcement comes just as waterfowl hunters’ decoys are showing the wear and tear of the cold, wet hunting season; Decoy Conditioner is immediately available.

One of the greatest parts of duck hunting is witnessing their spectacular array of colors. From the stunning mossy green of Wood Duck drakes to the carmine red of Cinnamon Teal drakes the possibilities are endless. To catch the attention of those ducks as they fly overhead, your decoys should be as close to equally bright as possible. Decoys should also mimic the water-repellent nature of living ducks. Dakota Solutions Outdoors understands the importance of those details and made sure their Decoy Conditioner not only can but will help hunters with those specific issues.
Dakota Solutions Outdoors Decoy Conditioner is designed for hardcore bird hunters whose decoys see consistent use and require superior care. Hunters know how it works: when decoys are new, they’re at their freshest and brightest but with exposure to the elements and the passage of time, they become worn and faded. Enter Decoy Conditioner, the solution created to extend the life and performance of your decoys.

Decoy Conditioner increases water repellency of solid and flocked decoys, slowing frost formation, sinking spreads, and unnatural reflections. Water repellency is accomplished without any adverse effects on decoys’ appearances. In addition, the solution acts as a penetrating color enhancer that can be used successfully on both well-used and brand-new decoys. A little goes a long way, too; a single can treats between three and six dozen so your entire spread is covered.

Cans of Decoy Conditioner feature Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, the official pattern of Ducks Unlimited.  Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades is comprised of individual blades of grass on a thatch background of realistically shadowed blades of various sizes. The pattern is a waterfowler’s best friend thanks to its 3D appearance and outline-breaking abilities.

MSRP is $29.95 per can. Dakota Solutions Outdoors Decoy Conditioner can be purchased online at or, at all locations of Scheel’s retail stores or Smith & Edwards in Utah, as well as on their website,

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