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Understand When to Get Ready for the Shot


As I’ve mentioned earlier in the week, patience is the biggest key to taking a gobbler. You may have to sit in front of a tree or in a blind for an hour or two before the turkey shows himself, so get comfortable. Have some type of cushioned seat that you carry with you or that’s attached to your turkey vest. Because I don’t know how long a turkey will take to come in, I’ll have my shotgun in my lap with the safety on and have it pointed in the general direction from where I think the turkey will come. As the turkey continues to get closer and closer, I’ll pick out a path or a break in the cover that I think that turkey will walk through and point the gun still in my lap, in that direction. When I anticipate that I’ll see the turkey in the next minute or two, I’ll already have pulled my knees up. I’ll put the barrel of my shotgun on my left knee, put my cheek on the stock, make sure I can see the red dot in my turkey scope and then wait for the turkey to appear. If the turkey doesn’t walk down the path I think he will, but appears to the left or the right of me, I don’t try to turn quickly and shoot the gobbler. I just sit still until the turkey gets behind an object that I know he can’t see through - like brush or a big tree trunk. Then I’ll quietly slide around the tree that I'm sitting next to and prepare to take the shot when the turkey steps out from behind the tree or bush. I don’t ever move when a turkey is close, until I know for certain he can’t see me. 

Day 3: Know What to Do When a Turkey Gobbles


Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland adds Oklahoma office
Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland is pleased to announce the opening of Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland-Midwest Farm and Land in Hinton, Oklahoma. Robbie Potts, a 26 year veteran of the Oklahoma land brokerage industry, will serve as broker and manager for the Hinton office. He brings 35 years of management and civic leadership experience to Mossy Oak Properties, most recently working for the Department of Homeland Security. He combines his experience with

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