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Mossy Oak and NWTF Proudly Feature America’s No. 1 Pattern at the 42nd Annual NWTF Convention

Mossy Oak Obsession Best Turkey Camo

Since Mossy Oak introduced Obsession, it has become the no. 1 pattern of choice for turkey hunters across North America (Southwick Associates Turkey Hunter Report, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Obsession offers incredible effectiveness for concealing hunters in all types of terrain where turkeys reside. In addition, Mossy Oak is extremely proud that Obsession is the official camo of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), which is a partnership that serves a critical role in conserving the wild turkey population, along with preserving their habitat and the ongoing right to hunt them.

In November of 2015, when the NWTF designated Obsession as its official camouflage pattern, an expansive partnership began to assist the NWTF’s mission, Save The Habitat. Save The Hunt. That is why Mossy Oak proudly embeds the NWTF logo within the Obsession pattern design.  In addition, a portion of the proceeds generated from the sales of any item decorated in the NWTF Obsession pattern funds the NWTF

"The NWTF and Mossy Oak were both founded by turkey hunters who care deeply about the conservation of the wild turkey," said NWTF CEO Becky Humphries. "As we work to secure the future of habitat and our hunting heritage, it is good to know we have a partner in Mossy Oak that is equally dedicated to the mission."

Obsession will be displayed on a wide variety of products at the 42nd Annual NWTF Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tennessee, at Mossy Oak’s booth (#701). 

The two organizations share much in common in their commitments to hunting heritage and their conservation priorities. This initiative extends beyond Mossy Oak Brand Camo and can be seen in all of the Haas Outdoors brands, including Mossy Oak GameKeepers, BioLogic, Nativ Nurseries, and Mossy Oak Properties.  

"Turkey hunting and conservation is at the very core of what Mossy Oak is all about," said Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak founder and CEO. "From our very earliest days in the industry, we drew our inspiration from those magical spring mornings, and we are so very proud to be the official camo of the NWTF."

Both the NWTF and Mossy Oak believe people are the future of hunting and conservation in our country. It’s the thousands of people that represent NWTF, volunteers and members of Mossy Oak’s Pro Staff, that devote unlimited time and resources to habitat management and introducing people to hunting. It’s also those who harbor an obsession for the hunting tradition today and tomorrow. Working together, we will save what matters most to wildlife and to hunters.

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