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Chris Kirby on the Secrets of Turkey Hunting

Quaker Boy Calls and Mossy Oak - New Turkey Thugs Calls with Chris Kirby


Editor’s Note: Chris Kirby is a World Champion turkey caller and he has been a Mossy Oak pro for many years. He’s the president of Quaker Boy Calls and has partnered with Mossy Oak to produce the Turkey Thugs line of turkey calls.

Three years ago we partnered with Mossy Oak to promote a program – Today’s Hunters Uniting for Good (THUGS). The concept behind the Thugs program was to use a portion of the monies coming into this program to help our veterans with opportunities to get outdoors doing what we all love as hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. All the calls are made in America by American workers. We wanted to develop some of the best turkey calls we could for this program. 

ChrisKirby1_llNew this fall is the Turkey Thugs Full Tilt Slate Call. Slate turkey calls have been around for many years. We developed a single slate pot call that is narrow on one end and wide on the other end. The narrow end of the slate makes the sound of a young hen and is high-pitched when you move the striker across it. The wider end of the slate call produces a more raspy sound. 

Another new product we have come out with for this year is the Lil Big Time waterproof box call, that’s a small and compact box with a somewhat heavier lid than you find on most box calls. It gives you more range. Quaker Boy used our technology to make the lid and the rails waterproof. So, on those mornings with heavy dew or even in the rain, you still can use this little call to bring in gobblers. 

This year we also added an E-Z pack of our Half Moon mouth calls. We always have had a backer reed on our mouth calls. Before my dad, Dick Kirby, the founder of Quaker Boy, passed away, he was working on a new design called a Half Moon backer reed. That Half Moon cut allows your tongue to fit up into the reed of the diaphragm call easier. The air flows down on top of your tongue smoother and easier, making the call much easier to call and control. We want the Turkey Thugs program to provide some of the best turkey calls you can buy. We are really excited about partnering with Mossy Oak and giving back to the men and women who protect and defend our homeland.

Tomorrow: Chris Kirby on How to Hunt Turkeys in the Snow

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