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Springtime Already? Time to Plan Your Spring Break Vacation!

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to be planning your spring break vacation. This year, many people choose to forgo city breaks in favor of country vacations and activities in the fresh air.

Spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend a vacation, particularly this year when outdoor activities are considered the safest option. If you want to explore the Great Outdoors this spring, here are a few of the best destinations and tips on how to make the most of the balmy spring weather. 

RV Camping

Go Camping in Your Local Area

The United States has a huge number of national and state parks that boast some of the most impressive scenery in the world, so there’s no need to leave the country to experience the Great Outdoors. 

If you plan to stay local for your vacation, try to view your area as a tourist and explore places you’ve never been to before, from hiking trails to historic walking tours. You could even go to your local tourist information office for some new ideas. Camping is the ideal way to get close to nature but, of course, it depends on the climate in your area; if you don’t like the idea of camping in the rain, you could have a similar experience staying in a cabin.

Rent a Motorhome or RV

Although some people love the adventure of minimalist camping, others prefer to have access to a few modern conveniences while exploring the wilderness. However, you don’t have to stay in a hotel to be comfortable; motorhomes and RVs offer comfort, convenience and adventure.

Motorhome vacations are an excellent option for those craving travel but who aren’t keen on staying in crowded hotels. Have fun discovering new areas and experiencing America’s beautiful scenery from the comfort of your campervan. 

Where to Go

Whether you plan to stay in a tent, an RV or a luxury hotel, America has some incredible places for outdoor vacations. The following destinations offer a broad variety of scenery and activities, from surfing on wild beaches to fishing on peaceful lakes. 

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, CO

Boulder is the ideal destination for travelers hoping to experience urban tourism in addition to outdoor activities. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains foothills, Boulder is a great starting point to explore Rocky Mountain National Park’s fantastic hiking trails, such as the Emerald Lake and Bear Lake Trails. You also have several other parks and recreation spaces nearby, including Eldorado Canyon State Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park and Brainard Lake Recreation Area. 

If you tire of trekking in the wild, rugged mountains, there’s plenty to enjoy in Boulder itself. You’ll love wandering around Downtown Boulder, soaking in the atmosphere and appreciating the panoramic views of the mountains that are a backdrop to the city. Head to Pearl Street Mall for local stores, delicious food and great ambiance. 

Joshua Tree National Park, California

For equally beautiful but vastly dramatically different scenery, head to Joshua Tree National Park. This surreal desert landscape is the meeting point of two distinct ecosystems and is home to a vast variety of plant and animal life. 

Joshua Tree is an outdoorsy person’s dream, as it offers opportunities to go hiking, biking, rock climbing, horse riding and more. It’s a brilliant spot for photography lovers during the night, as well as the day, thanks to the amazingly clear skies that allow you to appreciate the Milky Way. The park has been named an International Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association.

Outer Banks, North Carolina 

Outer Banks, NC

Are you looking for miles of stunning beaches and family-friendly outdoor activities? How about venturing off North Carolina’s coast to the Outer Banks, a collection of barrier islands and spits? The Outer Banks is comparable to the Florida Keys, though it is much larger. Each island has its own personality, making island-hopping a delightful adventure.

The Outer Banks are most famous for their wild horses, which are descendants of Spanish mustangs. The horses swim from island to island looking for fresh grazing spots, an amazing sight to see if you're lucky enough to catch it. Corolla, one of the most northerly islands, is a particularly good place to spot them, though you must stay at least 50 ft. away.

If you’re hoping to do some adventure sports on your vacation but also love history, check out Bodie Island. Its major towns, including Kitty Hawk, Nags Head and Duck, offer all the amenities and cultural events you could want. There are plenty of beaches for windsurfers and kiteboarding, and you can try sandboarding at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, the tallest active dune system in the eastern U.S.

Whichever islands you visit and whether you stay in a resort, hotel or campsite, you will love discovering the Outer Banks. Spring is the perfect time to travel there, as the temperature is just warming up.  

Lake Claiborne State Park, Louisiana 

Louisiana has over 20 state parks, and all are worth a visit, but fishing enthusiasts should head directly to Lake Claiborne, which is part of the state’s 6,400-acre water system and the Louisiana Bass Trail. Anglers will delight at the array of fish, including largemouth and striped bass, bluegill, bream, pickerel, channel catfish and crappie.

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the park, such as tubing, water skiing, disc golf or simply enjoying the pleasant scenery. To make the most of the beautiful lake, you can camp, park your RV or stay in a cabin right by the water’s edge. If you fancy a break from the great outdoors, explore the charming town of Homer and enjoy its stunning architecture.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Spring

Wherever you are in the country, you can enjoy an exciting adventure in the stunning American countryside with a bit of planning. To make the most of your spring vacation, make sure to pack the right gear for the temperamental weather. Explore the range of cozy base layers, outerwear and accessories at Mossy Oak so you can enjoy the best of America’s wilderness in comfort.

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