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Dove Field Planting


A sportsman’s favorite, doves provide fast-paced shooting action and excellent table fare. Those looking for ways to boost the number of these fast-flyers on their farms throughout the migration should heed the advice below.

BioLogic’s Austin Delano was quick to point out that each state seems to have its own special rules and regulations when it comes to how sportsmen can legally plant and hunt over a particular crop. Delano recommended perusing the game and fish site for the state in which you plan to plant before getting seed in the ground. Delano also had this to add:

“Doves, unlike a lot of other birds, rely almost exclusively on seeds for their diet. That being said, your millets, sorghum, sunflower and corn crops will be your most popular dove attractants. The key is planting these crops in different stages throughout the growing season so that if you don’t get enough rain for a corn crop, your millet and sorghum may still produce. You definitely don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket.  It’s also important to bank on at least a 120-day growing season before these crops will be ready to be manipulated in whatever fashion you see fit to get them ready for a good dove shoot.”

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