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Veteran Outdoorsman and World Turkey Calling Champion Matt Morrett Moves To Mossy Oak

Day 1: Matt Morrett Is Not a New Face at Mossy Oak 

Editor’s Note: Matt Morrett of Pennsylvania has realized every young man’s dream. In 1987, when he was 16-years old, he won the World Turkey Calling Championship in the Friction Call Division, which included slate calls, glass calls, box calls and any type of turkey-calling device that wasn’t used in your mouth. In 1987, Morrett began to work with Hunter’s Specialties. He appeared in 30 to 40 of the company’s videos and many of their TV shows. He started on TV with Tom Miranda on ESPN and has appeared on television for 15-20 years. He recently joined the PSE and the Mossy Oak Pro Staffs.  

mmorrett_d1-smI’m not a new face at Mossy Oak; I’ve known Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak’s founder and CEO, from the beginning of his company. Toxey really started building his business in the turkey-calling and turkey-hunting world. In the early days of my calling career, one of my best friends was Bob Dixon, who was one of Toxey’s first employees. I always have admired Mossy Oak. Instead of just being a camouflage company, Mossy Oak is a way of life and has integrated many facets of the outdoors into the company. Besides Mossy Oak’s camo patterns, they developed BioLogic, a seed company to produce food for deer, turkeys and other animals, Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries that produces trees to plant to improve lands’ food for wildlife and a real-estate company Mossy Oak Properties to help sportsmen find and purchase hunting lands. Too, Tim Anderson, who’s in charge of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff, and I have been good friends for many years. After more than 25 years in the outdoor industry, I’ve decided to make my whole life Mossy Oak. Right now, if you cut my veins, I will bleed Mossy Oak. I’ve been competing in turkey-calling contests since 1976, and Mossy Oak always had a strong presence at all the events in which I competed. Some of the best turkey callers in the nation are on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff. I am also an avid deer hunter, elk hunter and waterfowler.  

I live in Pennsylvania where the state has a late archery-only deer season. I often am asked what camo pattern I wear in the late season when snow is on the ground, and temperatures are hovering below zero. I use mostly Mossy Oak Obsession, because my region has numbers of pine trees and hemlocks that are still green at this time of year. When I’m hunting from a tree stand at the end of the season, I like to get inside a hemlock to get some protection from the weather. Mossy Oak Obsession blends right in with hemlock trees. Camo is important, even if you’re hunting in a ground blind and want to be blacked-out. You still have to go to and walk away from the blind. I haven’t really felt the need to wear snow camo. One of the things I like about Mossy Oak is most of their camo patterns will blend-in with many types of terrain. I now work with Zink Calls, and I’ve used Mossy Oak’s waterfowl patterns in a tree stand to hunt for deer. Mossy Oak also has the Treestand pattern that works really well in various places. One of the advantages I have being a Mossy Oak pro is that by having several different patterns of Mossy Oak, I can mix and match the patterns to blend-in with any type of terrain or tree.  

Tomorrow: Mossy Oak’s Matt Morrett Explains Why a Ground Blind Is Best For Hunting Late Season Bucks

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