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Importance of Wearing a Safety Vest

Mossy Oak Pro-Staff member Parrish Elliot discusses the importance of wearing a safety vest. Parrish talks about why he made the switch and always hunts with a safety vest while hunting out of a treestand.

Parrish Elliott resides outside of Nashville, Tennessee and is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Parrish has been an avid hunter since his father first took him hunting when he was 10 years old. Parrish's passion today is archery shooting competition and archery hunting. He competes in several national archery tournaments each year. In the fall you will most likely find him in a tree somewhere hunting whitetail deer.

Parrish enjoys sharing his love for hunting and archery shooting with others whenever he can. When speaking at events he is always asking the audience what they like to do to grow and attract wildlife. Parrish is obsessed with wanting to grow bigger deer, so you will always find him in the woods building mineral sights and food plots.

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