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Hank Parker Explains Why He Partners with Mossy Oak

Parker2_llEditor’s Note: If there ever was a total outdoorsman, Mossy Oak Pro Hank Parker is one. A Bassmaster Classic champion twice, a master deer hunter who has taken 19 bucks that scored 170 or more, a race car driver and a TV host, Hank Parker has done it all. This week we’ll take a deeper look at the man who produces three TV shows, “Hank Parker 3D” and “Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine” on the Pursuit Channel and “Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood” on the Outdoor Channel. “I started wearing Mossy Oak as soon as it came to the market, and I’ve been wearing it for close to 30 years,” Parker explains. “For the last 6 years, I've adopted the Mossy Oak family as my family.” Hank is a staunch member of the Mossy Oak fraternity. We’ve watched as his life has changed courses throughout the years. Parker also is key to the success of C’Mere Deer and Swhacker Broadheads.

Mossy Oak: Hank, you’ve been highly successful in tournament bass fishing, NASCAR and hunting. What is it that you like about Mossy Oak?

Parker: I like the philosophy behind the company and the men who have created that philosophy. I'm impressed that with Mossy Oak there are no lesser species of animals to hunt. You can be a coon hunter, a squirrel hunter, a dove hunter or any type of outdoor person and still be a part of Mossy Oak. In my opinion, Mossy Oak is more of a fraternity than it is a camo company. Wearing Mossy Oak identifies a person as living the outdoor lifestyle. When you wear Mossy Oak, it’s like being an Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio, Utah or any other college football fan or any professional football fan. We wear those team’s colors to show our loyalty and to be a part of that fraternity. So, for me and my family, Mossy Oak is more than a camouflage that hides me from critters. When you put on a Mossy Oak hat, that hat defines who you are, what you believe in, and the outdoor sports in which you participate. Besides that, I believe that the Mossy Oak camo patterns are the best form of concealment a hunter can wear. For instance, I wear Mossy Oak Obsession in the spring when I’m turkey hunting. I wear Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity when I'm deer hunting. I believe that Mossy Oak not only gives me the best advantage to take deer and turkey, the camo says who I am, and what’s important to me. I believe in family conservation, hunting and all that is outdoors. 

If you had to wrap up what Mossy Oak is, Mossy Oak is Mr. Fox Haas, Toxey’s dad. He took Toxey hunting and fishing from the time he could walk. As Toxey began to develop his company, he helped Toxey, and he took Toxey’s sons into the outdoors just like he once took their dad. Toxey has carried on the legacy he's learned from his dad with his sons. When you see someone wearing Mossy Oak, whether they’re a doctor, a lawyer, a pipe fitter, or a landscaper, they’re in the fraternity of the outdoors. They believe in Second Amendment rights, conservation, stewardship of the land and all that’s outdoors. All those virtues you'll find in Mr. Fox, and they have been passed down to Toxey Haas, who is passing those same beliefs down to his sons. Those beliefs and lifestyle are the same ones I'm trying to pass on to my sons.

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