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Day 5: Mossy Oak’s Man at Super Bowl XLVII


Day 5: Mossy Oak ProStaffer Sean Considine - Super Bowl Safety Who Has Triplets

Editor’s Note: On Super Bowl Sunday, when the Baltimore Ravens come-out of the tunnel to face the San Francisco 49ers, one of the men to keep your eye on is number 37, Mossy Oak’s ProStaffer, Sean Considine. Considine will be living the dream he’s had for most of his life and his entire football career.

When you have a big longbearded gobbler coming to you, and you know within only a few seconds, you’ll have to make the shot, you must subdue your emotions, remember how you’ve trained for the shot and be ready to squeeze the trigger. Once the opportunity presents itself to take a trophy buck standing 20-yards from you, during bow season, you can’t let the emotions of buck fever take charge of your shot. You have to mentally go-through your shooting routine and calm yourself down to hold the pin on your bow steady and get a clean release and a smooth follow-through. Sean Considine, number 37 for the Baltimore Ravens, has faced both of these hunting challenges, throughout most of his life. As Considine prepares for Sunday’s XLVII Super Bowl, we wanted to know how he handles the emotions of playing in the biggest game of his football career. “Just as when deer hunting and turkey hunting, I’ll have to rely on the fundamentals that I know lead to success,” Considine emphasizes. “The Super Bowl will be won by the team that pays close attention to the fundamentals of football and doesn’t give way to the emotions of the event. This type of football game is where many players believe they have to go on the field and do something extraordinary, like make a big play. I’ve learned that this kind of thinking causes a team to lose. I know that the team that stays focused and relies on the fundamentals of football that the team’s players have used all season long to get to the Super Bowl will be the team that comes out on top at the end of the game. 

Ravens-5-18“I know that when I come out of that tunnel and step out on the field to play in this Sunday’s Super Bowl, my heart will be racing. I’ll be excited to play in this game, but I’ll also remember the hard road I’ve traveled to get to this day and this game. I didn’t receive a scholarship to the University of Iowa. I was a walk on (non-scholarship athlete). I didn’t even start in a college football game, until my junior year. To be able to make it to the NFL and now have the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl is a real dream come true, after all the work, the pain, the disappointments and the victories. I pinch myself every day, since I’ve learned my teammates and I will be going to the XLVII Super Bowl. My appearance in the Super Bowl this Sunday is not just about me. It’s about all the people who have helped me all along the way to be able to get to this point in time. Many of those same people, who have coached, encouraged, taught and spent time with me, will be in the Super Bowl stands this Sunday watching me. By performing well on Sunday, this will be my way of saying thank you to all the people who have helped me get to where I am.” 

Every football player knows that at some point in time, he’ll leave the game and have to transition to being a person who loves the game of football but can no longer play it. We wanted to know what Considine plans to do, when his playing days are over. “I’ve been fortunate to meet numbers of very-successful businessmen and businesswomen throughout my college days of football and my time in the NFL. When my playing days are over, I plan to reach out to some of these people and learn what type of opportunities I have. Perhaps I’ll start a business. I’ve built a home in my hometown of Byron, Illinois, which has about 5,000 residents. So, I want to try to find something to do in that area. When my football days are over, I feel like I have a lot of catching-up to do. I want to spend a lot of time improving the property I’ve bought for wildlife. I enjoy building food plots and improving habitat for wildlife, besides harvesting animals. Since I’ve been in the NFL, I’ve spent time applying for preference points, in drawing for big-game animals out West, in a wide variety of states. I’d like to go on a Yukon moose hunt. Too, I’d love to hunt elk and mule deer in the western section of the United States. I’m looking forward to having some time off and getting back to my hunting roots. 

Ravens-5-17“As I’ve mentioned earlier, I love to create green fields on my property and plant the many different crops that Mossy Oak BioLogic has for wildlife. While I still have some playing days in front of me, I want people to know I’m just a small-town guy with a strong work ethic and a love for football and the outdoors. I’ve learned I can be successful, when I learn all I can, and work as hard as I can. Although football, hunting and fishing are my passions, the most-important thing to me is my family, including my wife and four children.” Many people don’t realize that Sean Considine has 19-month-old triplets, a little girl named Hadley and two boys named Cohen and  Corven. And, Considine quickly adds, “We also have a 5-year-old son named Caden. I have an exceptional wife. If you have triplets, you have to have an exceptional wife who loves children and loves caring for them, like my wife does. All four of my children will be at the XLVII Super Bowl on Sunday. I feel my entire family’s being a part of the Super Bowl with me is very important and really special for me.”

All Mossy Oak enthusiasts won’t just see number 37 Sean Considine for the Baltimore Ravens playing in XLVII Super Bowl and watch the plays he makes. We’ll know the man inside the helmet and under the black and blue uniform. Sean Considine is: a family man; an outdoorsman; a kid from a small town who’s made his way to playing in the biggest football game in the world of the year through hard work; and a Mossy Oak ProStaffer who loves to hunt and wear the same Mossy Oak clothing that makes him a part of all that’s Mossy Oak.

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