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Day 3: Mossy Oak’s Man at Super Bowl XLVII


Day 3: Avid Hunter in the Baltimore Ravens’ Blue and Black Uniform – Number 37 Sean Considine 

Editor’s Note: On Super Bowl Sunday, when the Baltimore Ravens come-out of the tunnel to face the San Francisco 49ers, one of the men to keep your eye on is number 37, Mossy Oak’s ProStaffer, Sean Considine. Considine will be living the dream he’s had for most of his life and his entire football career.

Ravens-3-09“I like to bowhunt more than I do shotgun hunt,” says Sean Considine, Mossy Oak ProStaffer and safety for the Baltimore Ravens. “In my state, we can’t hunt with rifles. I’ve been shooting a Mathews bow for the last few years, because that company makes a great bow.” Since Considine also played football when he was young, he could get in more days hunting deer with a bow than he could with a shotgun. At a very-early age, he started hunting with a bow to have more days to hunt whitetails. According to Considine, “The Illinois State Football Championship is held on the opening day of shotgun hunting in Illinois. I knew I’d have more days to hunt, if I shot a bow, than if I hunted with a shotgun.” Considine had two passions that took place at the same time, football season and deer season. Not willing to give-up either, he had to structure his schedule to find time for both. 

The XLVII Super Bowl will have Considine’s undivided attention. “This game will give both teams’ players the biggest stage they’ve ever performed on, since the Super Bowl will be seen around the world. For us, as players, there’s a lot of hype, excitement and stress, leading-up to coming out of the tunnel on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3. So, to deal with all this, I need to have a great deal of preparation for the game. I know that the better I prepare this week, the less stress I’ll have on game day. I want to know, before I come out of that tunnel, that I’ve done everything I possibly can do to give myself a chance to play in one of the greatest games of my career. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. 

Ravens-3-12The Super Bowl, for me, as a small-town kid, is a dream come true, and I can hardly wait to play.” Sean Considine comes from humble roots and has put in a lot of hard work and moved from team to team in the NFL for over 8 years. His job is to be the best football player he can be, especially this Sunday for the XLVII Super Bowl. 

Although he’s at the height of his profession in his football career, he still views himself as that small town, rural, country boy, who just wants to hunt and fish and play football. One of the reasons that Considine is a member of the Mossy Oak ProStaff is that through all his football career successes, he still views himself as an outdoorsman with a love of the land and the wildlife that lives on it, and the water and the fish that swim in it. He plows and plants for wildlife, and he enjoys the solitude of a deer stand, away from the crowds, the glamour and the glitz, that will be this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

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Day 2: Mossy Oak’s Man at Super Bowl XLVII
Sean Considine comes from a small town in Illinois, Byron, which has about 5,000 residents. He remembers that, “All we had to do for entertainment, when I was a youngster, was to be in the outdoors, hunting and fishing. All my school buddies and I hunted for raccoons, rabbits, white-tailed deer and gobbling turkeys. During the summer, we fished almost all summer long. Other than sports, hunting and fishing were our only recreation. My dad

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