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Being a Mossy Oak Pro Isn’t Just About Hunting and Shooting with Mark Jackson


Editor’s Note: Mark Jackson from Sequim, Washington, is on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff and loves to bowhunt and shoot targets. 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I wear Mossy Oak camo year-round – even to work. During the winter months, I wear long-sleeved shirts in Mossy Oak patterns. During the summer months, I wear t-shirts in Mossy Oak. My rain gear is Mossy Oak Treestand. When I am hunting, I wear Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Mossy Oak Treestand. 

I work at Indian Island, which is a secluded area with a lot of wildlife. We see deer every day, particularly plenty of coyotes. Too, there are several eagle nests on the island. I am a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy, so I don’t have to wear a uniform. I am a big fan of Mossy Oak, and even if I wasn’t on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff, I still would be using Mossy Oak to hunt and wear. 

Jackson5_llI have been a Mossy Oak Pro Staffer for 3 years. Some people think that being on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff is all about hunting and shooting, taking animals and competing in competitions. However, I have learned that being a Mossy Oak Pro Staffer is mainly about teaching others how to better enjoy the outdoors and outdoor skills. For instance, I go to Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse sales events, consumer shows and dealer’s shows to tell people about the values of Mossy Oak and also help them with any hunting and shooting problems they have. We also work with many of the Mossy Oak licensees and partners, like PSE Archery (, Leupold Optics (, Gerber Knives (, LaCrosse Footwear ( and other products with the Mossy Oak pattern on them. As a Mossy Oak pro, I try to answer consumer’s questions about Mossy Oak camouflage and help with any problems they may have with their equipment, their hunting strategies or some elusive animal they just can’t seem to get within range. I usually go to at least 10 of these consumer shows per year for Mossy Oak. 

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