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The Handy Camel Announces Addition of Mossy Oak Camo

Heavy-duty bag clips perfect for food plot seed and fertilizer


KANSAS CITY, MO – The Handy Camel Bag Clip, the heavy-duty bag clip for large, heavy bags, is now available in limited edition prints from Mossy Oak.  

The Handy Camel bag clip is 17 inches wide with a specially designed hinge closure system that makes it capable of sealing, carrying and making it easy to pour contents from large, heavy bags. Using it can help protect the back by promoting safe lifting posture, and plastic bags are protected from stretching and tearing. The Handy Camel is rated to carry up to 40 pounds. It is proudly made in the USA and utilizes local shelters to help with labels and packaging. 

The Handy Camel is perfect for hauling fertilizer, minerals, and seed to food plots. The Handy Camel can eliminate the hassle of carrying and pouring dog and cat food, birdseed, garden soil, fertilizer, grass seed, charcoal, sand, and all other bagged, bulk items. It has many farm uses as well. Bags of corn, horse feed, protein pellets, chicken feed, seeds, and other products can be sealed to prevent spillage in the back of a truck or between pens and to keep mice out when stored.

The Handy Camel creates a tight seal on open bags using a side hinge opening and ratchet locking system and features rounded teeth on the interior of the clip that grip bags without tearing. To use the Handy Camel, you simply open the clip, slide it sideways across the width of the bag you want to seal, and as you begin to shut the clip across the bag, the ratchet system will lock the bag closed. 

Tom Gray, owner of The Handy Camel said, “I am ecstatic to begin a relationship with Mossy Oak. What started as the perfect heavy-duty bag clip for garden use has now become a popular product with hunters in the great outdoors. Outdoor enthusiasts are using the bag clips when transporting opened bags of seed and fertilizer to and from food plots. Hunters can now practically throw the bags in the back of trucks and UTVs without any concern of spillage. The Mossy Oak patterns have taken our product to the next level, giving it a truly unique design.” 

The Handy Camel Bag Clip is currently available to purchase online at The MSRP for The Handy Camel is $19.99 for the limited edition Mossy Oak prints which are available in Break-Up Infinity and Blades

The Handy Camel is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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