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Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy Adds New Flavors


BLOOMINGDALE, IL – Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy has announced that two new flavors are joining the Original flavor, which are all available across the U.S. in three new cans. Now outdoor enthusiasts have three smooth, delicious energy sources to keep them sharp and focused for hunting, fishing, and anything else they love doing outside. 

The new Orange flavor features a full, fizzy and light orange flavor that’s not too sweet. The Citrus Berry All Zero brings a pleasing flavor blend of berries and citrus with zero sugar, calories or carbs. 

“Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy is excited to be a delicious source of energy for our customers who love the great outdoors.” said Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy Founder and CEO Dominick Voso, “We’re thrilled to add Orange and Citrus Berry All Zero to the Original flavor people love.”

Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy’s new cans feature Mossy Oak camouflage patterns along with a prominent flavor band, so that energy drinkers can find their favorite taste fast. 

For more information on Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy, visit or call 1-888-606-3353. 

Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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