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MFA Introduces New Illuminator Mossy Oak Camo Flashlight for Outdoor Enthusiasts

IlluminatorMossyOakBreakUp_llTOLEDO, OH – Mark Feldstein & Associates Inc. (MFA), a product development company and importer of unique giftware, housewares and electronics, recently introduced the Illuminator Camo Flashlight with licensed Mossy Oak® camouflage patterns designed for outdoor sports and recreation.  

The Illuminator is a battery-free/bulb-free flashlight that generates ultra-bright light anywhere with the wind up of a built-in handle. One minute of winding provides up to one hour of continuous light. The special exterior of the Illuminator Camo Flashlight features the popular Mossy Oak Break-Up®  and Break-Up® Pink camouflage patterns, making it an ideal safety accessory and gift item for hunters, campers and anglers.

“Our first choice for promoting the Illuminator Camo Flashlight was Mossy Oak,” said Mark Feldstein, President, MFA. “Their premier status and highly-perceived value with outdoor enthusiasts makes this a perfect fit for our versatile and durable Illuminator Flashlight.”

Weighing four ounces, the Illuminator Camo Flashlight features ergonomically designed rubberized grips to fit comfortably in the hand. Its sturdy construction and powerful LED lights make it virtually indestructible. It is compact and needs no batteries, making it an ideal safety item for home and away, from the glove compartment to storm emergency kits.

The Illuminator Camo Flashlight contains three LED lights, which are 10 times brighter than the standard light bulb. It provides the option to turn on one light for a focused beam or all three lights for ultra bright light. 

“With the Illuminator Camo Flashlight, every sportsman will be prepared for anything, while blending in with the surroundings,” added Feldstein. “It is water-resistant, shock-resistant, lightweight, and small enough to carry in a pocket or vest, so it’s always handy for use in any environment.”

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Mark Feldstein & Associates Inc. ( produces officially licensed products of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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