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Five New Ways to Improve Habitat for Wildlife


Mossy Oak Nativ Seeds releases five new blends designed for habitat restoration



West Point, MS - Native grasses and wildflowers have been around for thousands of years, providing valuable habitat for wildlife and crucial pollinator species. With population growth and development, these native species have dwindled in numbers, becoming scarcer. In hopes of encouraging landowners to incorporate native grass, forbe and wildflower establishment into their management practices and help restore native habitats to their original state, Mossy Oak Nativ Seeds has introduced five new native seed blends.


“Over the years many native species have been impacted due to agriculture, land and property development. At Mossy Oak, we are excited to offer products that help educate consumers about these native species while encouraging them to join our effort to help re-establish this very important aspect of our ecosystem,” said Toxey Haas, Founder and CEO of Mossy Oak.


Nativ Seed Blends add aesthetic value to property while creating diverse wildlife habitat. Available in five specialized native seed mixes, each is formulated to restore and improve specific wildlife habitat.


  • Bedding Blend- Developed to increase natural cover and habitat for wildlife.
  • Barrier Blend- Contains a mix of tall grasses that can easily be used to create a visual screen.
  • Pollinator Package- Grass and wildflower blend created to attract various species crucial to pollination.
  • Waters Edge- A blend of moist soil species that enhances aesthetic appeal and increase food sources for wildlife through insect attraction.
  • Full Bloom- A colorful mix of 23 different wildflower species designed to bloom summer through fall for the eastern US.


With blends for bedding, barriers, wetland edges, wildflowers and pollinators, these seed mixes produce an assortment of native plants and seeds utilized by wildlife and attract pollinator species that help boost plant reproduction and productivity. Uses range from creating food plot edge and visual screens to helping control erosion problems and decorating the entrance to your property.

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