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Get Serious About Trail Cams

7-17 Trail Cams
Trail cameras are undoubtedly the coolest advance in hunting technology over the past twenty years. Some people choose to save battery money during the spring and early summer, while others keep cameras out all year. However, it’s really not until recently that a buck had much “up top” to show us. Now during the month of July antler growth accelerates enough so you can start to recognize individual bucks, learn which bucks made it from last year and you can really begin to see the distinct differences. This means you can now start to gather solid information and put it to use in a management plan and developing an ambush strategy for a specific buck.

Trail cameras help you to know the density, buck to doe ratio and age structure of your herd. Keeping records is important. “You need to know where you've been if you wish to get to where you want to be.” Having a record 24/7 of everything that’s happened at a specific spot is important for developing a management plan and an invaluable tool for helping you get close to mature bucks.

Most feel that the flash and the sound of the camera cycling will alert deer to the cameras presence. That’s why it’s important to have an infrared, digital camera that has a silent shutter. This site, TRAILCAMPRO.COM, has reviews and recommendations on many makes and models.

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