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Revolutionizing Predator Hunting: The Impact of E-Bikes on Coyote Pursuits

Heath Wood

Predator hunting has evolved over the years, blending traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall experience for hunters. One such innovation that has recently gained significant attention is the integration of electronic bikes (e-bikes) into contest-style coyote pursuits. This hunting style is one of my favorite ways to hunt during the fall and winter. A fast-paced style of hunting, often called contest-style, is named after predator hunters who hunt in a timed hunt. Hunters only have a specific time to hunt before meeting at a designated weight and check-in area. If not checked in at a specific time, the hunters are disqualified. Because of the strict time crunch, hunters typically hunt as fast as they can throughout the day to cover more areas. They often spend fifteen to twenty minutes at one calling stand, then off to the next one. Now, hunters are utilizing e-bikes and possibly even revolutionizing predator hunting by empowering hunters to adopt a fast-paced approach and efficiently cover expansive terrains with less effort and more time to hunt.

Traditional methods of predator hunting often involve long hours of patient waiting and strategic positioning. On a typical calling stand, I usually sit thirty to forty-five minutes in one location before moving to another area. While these techniques have proven effective, the evolving landscape of hunting has led to a demand for more dynamic and engaging approaches. Contest-style coyote pursuits, characterized by speed and agility, have become increasingly popular among hunters seeking a more thrilling and competitive experience. Recently, I have been using the Quiet Kat Ranger E-Bike. I began using it halfway through the deer hunting season in Missouri, and shortly after, the coyote season began. I loaded the attached cargo rack with my ALPS Outdoorz Pursuit backpack, shooting bipods, and my new FoxPro Hellcat Pro electronic call, which is smaller, making it the perfect combination with the e-bike. After riding into my first couple of coyote calling stands, I knew the e-bike would provide an extensive advantage of covering large areas of ground without using my truck, which can often spook coyotes or let them know a hunter is in the area.

Electronic bikes have emerged as a game-changing technology in the world of predator hunting. These motorized bicycles are equipped with electric motors that provide an additional boost to the rider's pedaling power, allowing for faster and more efficient travel across various terrains. Integrating e-bikes into contest-style coyote pursuits has opened new possibilities for hunters, transforming how they approach and engage with their prey.

Advantages of E-Bikes in Predator Hunting


Speed and Agility - E-bikes offer hunters the ability to cover large distances quickly, giving them a strategic advantage in contest-style pursuits. The electric motor's increased speed and agility enable hunters to respond rapidly to coyote movements and effectively get into position to attempt to call them into close range. When locating coyotes, I have had them respond in locations where I usually would have had to trash the idea of calling. With the aid of my Quiet Kat, I can quickly get into a better position before coyotes move to another area, out of the hearing range of my e-caller.

Efficient Terrain Coverage - One of the primary advantages of e-bikes is their ability to easily traverse expansive terrains. Unlike traditional hunting methods that may be limited by the hunter's physical endurance, e-bikes extend the range and scope of the pursuit. This efficiency in terrain coverage enhances the likelihood of spotting and engaging with coyotes in their natural habitat.

Stealth and Silence - Many e-bikes operate quietly, allowing hunters to approach their targets with greater stealth. The reduced noise pollution compared to traditional vehicles minimizes the risk of spooking coyotes, providing a more discreet and effective hunting experience. Without making loud noises with a vehicle such as a truck and traveling on roads only, the hunter can get set up to attempt calling without giving up my position to lingering coyotes nearby.

Extended Hunting Duration - The electric assistance e-bikes provide reduces physical fatigue, enabling hunters to extend their hunting duration without sacrificing performance. This extended endurance is particularly advantageous in contest-style pursuits where maintaining peak alertness and focus is crucial. Attached cargo racks, such as what I have on my Quiet Kat, allow hunters to carry harvested coyotes back to their vehicles with much less effort.

Integrating electronic bikes into contest-style coyote pursuits represents a significant leap forward in the predator-hunting world. As technology continues to advance, hunters are presented with innovative tools that not only enhance their capabilities but also contribute to a more sustainable and immersive hunting experience. For many years, one of the significant innovations has been electronic callers that successfully play the sounds used to bring coyotes and other predators into close shooting range. The adoption of e-bikes in predator hunting is a testament to the ongoing synergy between technology and tradition, paving the way for a new era of dynamic and exhilarating hunting practices.

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