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Biking for Bucks: 5 Reasons the Bike Works Best

Brodie Swisher

Mobile hunting has become the trend over the years for deer hunters. The ability to quickly move from one stand to the next can be a game changer when it comes to finding success each deer season. Mobile hunting gear comes in the form of lightweight gear, stands, OnX mapping for your smartphone, and more. But one of the most important elements of mobile hunting is the method by which you move. And over the last decade, I’ve found that few things allow you to make a stealthier commute than the bike. Here’s a look at 5 reasons the bike works best for covering ground this season. 

Rogue Ridge bike drive

1. A Quieter Commute

The ATV has long been considered the ultimate hunting machine and for good reason. But I hate the noise they make when using them for accessing hunting property. I always feel as if I’m sounding the alarm, letting every deer in the county know I’m on my way. That’s why the bike, particularly an eBike, works so well. It delivers a much quieter commute to your tree stand. 

Even when the leaves are on the ground, I feel the smooth and steady roll of a fat-tire bike is less obtrusive than a two-legged shuffle through the woods. Deer tend to hold tight and let a biker cruise on by. But take that same route by foot, and deer will blow out of the country when you make the approach. The bike simply delivers a quieter travel option to your stand or blind.

2. Less Human Odor on the Ground

On a recent hunt, my son and I walked through a food plot to access our blind. Later in the morning, a large group of does walked into the plot and began to feed. However, when the mature does in the bunch came to where we walked in, you could immediately see their reaction when they encountered our ground scent. They immediately went on alert, and then quickly made their move to exit the plot. 

A few days later, I made the same entry to the field, only this time while riding the eBike. The trick worked perfectly, and none of the deer crossing my access path ever checked up all morning. Less boots, or other human contact on the ground, means less scent left behind. It’s a better way to go undetected on your approach.

deer with Rogue Ridge

3. Greater Access 

The eBike will open a multitude of new opportunities for greater access to the lands you hunt. Regardless of whether you’re hunting public land, or private, the bike allows you to go where few other hunters will go. Gates may shut down access to vehicles, but when and where legal (or authorized by landowner), the bike allows you to make your move and keep rolling.
We often pass over a number of quality hunting locales simply because of the distance or lack of access by foot. The eBike makes these potential honey-holes attainable. Even when the gates are closed to the big rigs, the opportunities are wide open for the hunter on a bike. 

4. Less Physical Strain

I think back over the years to some of the spots I’ve deer hunted, both here in the South, as well as out West, and cringe at the thought of the miles walked to get into some prime ground. Walking for an hour in the dark to access a property can take a toll on your body after several days. It’ll suck the energy out of you in a hurry. The eBike helps lighten the load and minimizes the burden of the daily grind. You’ll arrive at your destination much quicker, and you’ll be better prepared physically when you get there. 

5. Leave Other Hunters Behind

Rogue Ridge front tire

More and more hunters are venturing deeper into the woods these days. For the most part, the majority still hunt pretty close to the road. In fact, some statistics show that the majority of hunters don’t wander much more than 500 yards from the truck. The bike allows you to leave these hunters in the dust. 

You can cruise deeper into potential hunting grounds, cover more terrain, and scout more efficiently. It’s an advantage that few others are likely to have in place. Capitalize on this situation, and you’ll open hunting opportunities like never before. 


What about you? Have you ever put a bike to use while deer hunting? Would you try it?

Chances are you’ve already got a bike that’ll get you started down the trail. Don’t miss out on the extra opportunities the bike can add to your hunting efforts this season. 

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