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NWTF Mr. Fox Vest Sale Information

what you need to know mr fox vest

Mr. Fox Vest Update for NWTF

We’re honored at the outpouring of love and support for Mr. Fox and the vest we’ve created in his honor.

In order to make vest purchasing fair for everyone, we will be giving out numbered cards (1-200) that will serve as a ticket to buy a Mr. Fox Vest and account for your position in line.

Thursday Morning (2/16) at 7AM, doors to the NWTF registration area will open.

At that time, anyone wanting to get in line for the first batch of vests (200) will need to be in line to receive a numbered Mr. Fox Card.

This line will be formed next to the main show floor entrance by the big gold turkey.

Mr. Fox Vest Cards will be given to the first 200 people in line and will be necessary for purchasing a vest.

Vests will be available for purchase by people with a numbered Mr. Fox Vest Card at 11:00 AM at the Mossy Oak Booth (#701) when the show floor opens. 

This process will repeat on Friday (2/17).

*note that to enter the show floor you must be registered with NWTF for a normal show ticket or be a vendor.

haas family with the turkey

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