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Piggyback Rider Now Offering Limited-Edition Model in Mossy Oak

Piggyback Rider

Piggyback Rider® and Mossy Oak have officially partnered to offer a limited-edition standing child carrier model in America’s No. 1 Camo*, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Piggyback RiderNow available for $149.99, the EXPLORER-Mossy Oak Camo Toddler Carrier has unlimited year-round use for all occasions.

Designed for toddlers (2+ years) and older children (up to 50 lbs.), the Piggyback Rider, is a compact, lightweight, sturdy-standing child carrier. The child will feel safe and secure with Piggyback Rider’s upgraded adult carrier with two handles and an enhanced Child Safety Harness Backpack, which is included. One of the top benefits to the carrier’s unique design is the child's hands are off the hauler’s face and hair.  Furthermore, the child’s feet stand firmly on a non-skid bar. The sturdy, unisex design functions like a standard backpack, distributing the child’s weight at the hauler’s core, enabling the ability to walk standing straight up in a natural posture while the hands are free. 

“We are so excited to work with Mossy Oak on this new Limited Edition Piggyback Rider because camo print is something we have always wanted to do, and the timing was just perfect,” said Bryan Lifshitz, Managing Director for Piggyback Rider.  “We are already seeing the excitement for the Piggyback Rider EXPLORER-Mossy Oak model.” 

“Dad Invented, Mom Approved,” parents and kids love the activities and fun while actively going from one place to another with the Piggyback Rider EXPLORER child carrier.  Made of high-quality climbing components and engineered for strength and safety, the carrier is structurally sound, yet light, with a total weight of less than 3 pounds! 

To learn more about Piggyback Rider and this unique offering, visit

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