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Mossy Oak Freedom Cabinets Now Available

Metal Art of Wisconsin is now offerings its highly popular Freedom Cabinets in several Mossy Oak camo and Mossy Oak Fishing patterns.

Metal Art of Wisconsin is a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing American-made metal art. It is a family-owned business in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Its Freedom Cabinet is a wall vault that features Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Technology and is inlaid with 16-gauge steel. Each one is handmade in Wisconsin and comes packed with high-density foam, to secure and contain all you want to hide away. Cabinets are available in wood or steel, and doors are available in wood, carbon fiber or hydro-dipped steel.  Prices start around $149 and go up, depending on size and options added.

The camo patterns available on various models are Mossy Oak Bottomland, Shadow Grass Blades, Break-Up Country. In addition, models are available in the Mossy Oak Fishing pattern, Elements Agua.

Find the Mossy Oak designs and more at

Freedom Cabinet Freedom Cabinet

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