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Mossy Oak Announces New “Country Roots” TV Series on Outdoor Channel


Starting on July 3rd at 9:00 PM EST, Mossy Oak's newest production will arrive in America's living rooms with primetime airings on Outdoor Channel. Mossy Oak's “Country Roots” will take over the Tuesday night spot anchored by “Hunting the Country,” which can now be found for free on the Mossy Oak TV page.

Mossy Oak's Country Roots brings the thrill of the passions found in every facet of the outdoors and experiences them through the eyes of the people who live these obsessions in every season of the year. The characters who define the Mossy Oak way of life, who pour their hearts into helping Americans live their best lives outdoors, share their own sources of excitement through all the joys and heartbreaks nature has to offer. From bull elk high in the Rockies and whitetail bucks on the open plain to waterfowl in the Mississippi River Delta and gobbling turkeys deep in Alabama's cypress swamps, the drives that send our hunters into the daily lives they lead excite and inspire them every day. Mossy Oak's “Country Roots” captures the authentic zeal and delivers the unvarnished enthusiasm that makes our company what it is. In every aspect, at work and at play, all we've ever wanted to do was be ourselves, always staying true to our Country Roots.

Meet our people, share our passions, and feed your own obsession, Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM EST, only on Outdoor Channel.

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