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Mossy Oak and Nation's Best Sports (NBS) Partnership Brings Support to The Independent Dealer

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Nation’s Best Sports, the premier buying group for outdoors products and sporting goods in the nation, has named Mossy Oak as an official camouflage, brand, and conservation partner, assisting in the expansion of camouflage offerings, branded outdoors products and providing an opportunity to support conservation efforts on the local-level through independently-owned retailers.
“Since 1986, the dealer and independent buying groups have been a major initiative and strategic direction for Mossy Oak. We believe that the dealer was, and continues to be, one of the major pillars within the industry in bringing products to the outdoor consumer,” said Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak. “Their ability to be authentic with hometown influence and expertise is the lifeblood for manufacturers and leading brands like Mossy Oak to communicate directly with our dedicated consumers. We are excited and overwhelmed with the energy and response from the NBS membership but also for the strategic direction set forth by the NBS leadership team. Mossy Oak is committed to delivering even more over this long-term partnership in bringing innovation, efficiencies and the market’s leading patterns to our nation of NBS dealers.”
“We like Mossy Oak’s approach to innovation, to brand strength, and to investment in strategic partners like Nation’s Best Sports,” said Dave Stockmeyer, Executive Vice President, Merchandising/Marketing, Nation’s Best Sports. “We feel that this exciting new partnership will bring more value to the NBS membership as a whole, and outdoor consumers across the nation.”

Nation’s Best Sports (NBS) is a nationwide sporting goods buying group established in 1956. NBS has grown significantly over the years, helping both its members and vendors grow and become profitable. The NBS mission is to provide independently-owned retailers the ability to effectively compete in an ever-changing environment through aggressive purchasing, marketing and service opportunities.

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