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“Modern Vintage” Awarded SEOPA’s 2019 Excellence in Craft Award

The Southeastern Outdoor Press Association recently awarded Timney Triggers’ “Modern Vintage” short film with the 2019 Excellence in Craft award for the Industry Public Relations category.

Modern Vintage on Mossy Oak GO

Launched in March 2019 on Mossy Oak GO, “Modern Vintage” is a short film that follows three longtime friends, as they spend time together in south Florida talking about turkey hunting, turkey hunters and their passion for all things old and new involved in the pursuit of the wild turkey.

"We are extremely proud that our short film Modern Vintage was chosen top of its class," said Chris Ellis of Timney.  "Hunting and spreading the word of the outdoor heritage has been part of Timney's DNA since 1946.  We're honored to have been recognized by a group of outdoor communicators, mainstream journalists, anglers, hunters and professionals as an Excellence in Craft award winner for Public Relations."

SEOPA Modern Vintage Award

In late 2018, Mossy Oak launched Mossy Oak GO, its 100% FREE television and mobile digital streaming platform, offering on-demand access, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with any device to Mossy Oak’s latest video offerings as well as archived content since the launch of Mossy Oak Productions in 1995.

With Mossy Oak GO, viewers don’t have to deal with expensive subscription rates or being interrupted by redundant commercials.  Mossy Oak made it simple. Viewers download the app through a preferred streaming platform and start watching free, uninterrupted outdoors entertainment.  Download Mossy Oak GO and watch “Modern Vintage” now.

Timney Triggers is dedicated to ensuring our customers a lifetime of hassle-free shooting enjoyment.  That is evident in the last step of the manufacturing process, when each trigger is hand assembled, tested, and calibrated for the specific rifle model it is intended for before it’s delivered to the customer’s door.  Timney Triggers is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all their products and each trigger is proudly Made in the USA.  

For more information on Timney Manufacturing please write to Timney at 2020 W Quail Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027, call toll-free 866-4TIMNEY, or visit the Web site at  

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