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Mayo Furniture and Mossy Oak Nativ Living Introduces Nature-Themed Furniture

Nativ Living sofa

Mayo Furniture and Mossy Oak Nativ Living introduce NEW high-quality furniture line inspired by nature. The new line is made up of upholstered stationary furniture boasting images of wildlife and nature, while some feature an added Mossy Oak Bottomland pillow as an accessory. This collection will remind the consumer of the joys they have experienced in the great outdoors or will inspire them to do so.
The line of furniture isn’t made solely for hunters and their man caves. This furniture is beautiful and something that the entire family will enjoy. The Mayo Nativ Living line will complete the home or the camp. Mayo Furniture is built to last, as it is known for quality that holds strong with use.

“That’s what it’s for; our family makes it for your family,” said Patrick Mayo of Mayo Furniture. “Our inspiration for this Nativ Living line comes from our own experiences. All of us, grew up hunting and spending a lot of time outdoors. Our grandfather taught us how to hunt, fish, shoot and most importantly appreciate and respect the outdoors. Almost all of the novelty fabrics in the line were derived from memories that we have with each other outdoors.”

“Another inspiration came from learning more about what Mossy Oak represents. Conservation, education, just about every avenue you can think of to promote the outdoors and the preservation of it,” added Mayo. “It’s one of our passions and we can connect it with this partnership. Mossy Oak’s job is to blend in; Mayo Furniture’s job is to make them stand out.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Mayo family.  They have so much to offer within the soft home category and are a perfect fit for Nativ Living,” said Pam Strickland, Director, Home Décor and & Lifestyle. “Their team has done an excellent job finding the perfect design combination between rustic outdoor with a classic home flair.  With its well-established reputation for product design, marketing and merchandising, Mayo is the perfect fit to bring Nativ Living designs to life in the home furniture category. We are extremely proud to partner with the Mayo team on creating upholstered collections focused on rustic luxury and conveying the love of the outdoor lifestyle that resonates strongly with Mossy Oak enthusiasts.  The initial launch will be the High Point Furniture Market next month.”

Linn Mayo, his wife Dean and their two sons Gary and Mike started the company in 1965. The company started with knowledge, work ethic, and a community’s trust. Everything else came later. Over time, Mayo Furniture has evolved into one of the few American made furniture companies left today. The company puts its focus on special orders, production speed, quality and excellent cover choices all made in the USA.

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Mossy Oak Nativ Living Sofa Mossy Oak Nativ Living Sofa Mossy Oak Nativ Living Sofa Mossy Oak Nativ Living Sofa

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