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Fall Schedule, Digital Platform Headline Pursuit 10th Anniversary Celebration

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Glenwood, AL – With a completely new-to-network collection of Nielsen-rated outdoor television features complementing more than 800 first-run original episodes from scores of the most recognized how-to personalities in outdoor entertainment – plus an all-new, free-use, digital platform – Pursuit Channel is celebrating its 10th Anniversary season as the best mass-reach bargain at work in the traditional outdoor marketplace.

New series debuting on Pursuit Channel this fall include: DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon, Texas Trophy Hunter’s Association, The Hollywood Hunter, Full Draw Adventures, MOJO Outdoors and Conquest 200.

“It’s a stunning assortment of new programming, but the gain is exponential to hundreds of hours of principal performances from the likes of Ducks Unlimited Television, GAMEKEEPERS of Mossy Oak, Carnivore, Brush Country Monsters, Winchester & Drury’s Natural Born and Deer and Deer Hunting,” said network CEO Rusty Faulk.     
“For 10 years Pursuit has been privileged to provide an ever-expanding national television audience with the works from some of the biggest brand names in outdoor television,” Faulk continued. “But perhaps our greatest satisfactions come from helping America’s outdoor public discover new brands and personalities. The Outdoor Option, which ended its fifth Q1-2 broadcast with us last month, a perineal top-10 show during that period, is a prime example.
“Dan Reaser, his son and daughter, Danny and Shannon, the hosts of The Outdoor Option, epitomize Pursuit’s generational dedication to the outdoor family. And that Option delivers the market’s lowest cost- to-quality impression for Reaser’s other outdoor businesses – Rhino Blinds, Capsule Feeders and Lid Cams – is key to the growth of that organization and the whole of the American outdoor experience.”
Expanding Pursuit’s influence to better cover the increasing demand from consumers preferring mobile-devices, a segment led by Millennials, was completed earlier this year. “Once the technology stabilized, Pursuit came to a great solution very quickly,” Faulk continued. “As we reflect and look forward, it bears repeating that offers thousands of hours of very fresh, very exciting and totally free outdoor digital content… all the time.

“So as Pursuit approaches a second decade of delivering the great outdoors to a world-class television community, our pledge to be the most producer-friendly network remains exactly who we are.

“And it’s important to note on such occasions that Pursuit’s special guests of honor are the exceptional producers and the iconic brands supporting us all. The National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club and the GAMEKEEPERS of Mossy Oak lead a list that includes most every major brand in this category, brands that know value, brands that care about America’s original conservationists – hunters, fishers and shooters. 
“Together, we’ve made this an essential network for tens of millions of outdoors people, and the exclusive television selection available to millions of enthusiasts, for 10 years running.”
Pursuit showcases some of the best outdoor television in the marketplace, including: Hank Parker’s Flesh & Blood; Doug Koenig's Championship Season; Gus Congemi’s Live the Wildlife; Carnivore; Just Killin’ Time; Jimmy Houston Outdoors; Brush Country Monsters, DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon; Ducks Unlimited Television; Deer and Deer Hunting, Destination Whitetail, Land of Whitetails; Modern Shooter; Long Range Pursuit; Jimmy Outdoors; Road Trip Masters; The Way It Was; The Outdoor Option; Canadian Whitetail TV; Drake’s Migration Nation; The High Road with Keith Warren; Americana Outdoors; Deer Gear TV; Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries; The Bear Whisperer; Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook; Ranger Boats' IFA Redfish Tour; the Collegiate Bass Series and Texas Team Trail; Turkey Call and Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.; Final Draw; GAMEKEEPERS of Mossy Oak and Mossy Oak Country Roots; Wallhanger TV; Winchester and Drury's Natural Born; American Airgunner; Freedom Fighters; Elusive Wildlife; Professional Shooting Clay Association; Pulse Factor; Trapping Time; Louisiana Outdoor Adventures TV; The Opener; Team 200; Majesty Outdoors; Trophy Taker Outdoors; Hunting with HECS; Passin’ It Outdoors; Reaper Outdoors; The American Way; Love of the Hunt; Ozonics; Goodloe – BCA; Shoot Straight with Chad Shearer; Open Season; The Best of the West; On the Water with Hank Parker; Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson; Sporting Dog Adventures; Martin Archery Outdoor Adventures; Struttin’ Bucks; Bearded Buck; Majesty Outdoors; Jason Peterson into the Wild; Spiritual Adventures with Jimmy Sites; Exit Wound TV; Trigger Time; Where in the World is Colorado Buck; Higdon Outdoors TV; Elusive Wildlife; The Grind Waterfowl TV; Trophy Hunter TV; Trophy Room Adventures; Created Outdoors; Greenway Outdoors; Vertical Crossbow Junkies; Maximum Outdoors  and Blue Collar Adventures.

Pursuit Channel, a leader in high-definition delivery, is active on DIRECTV HD (604 PRST), AT&T HD (1644), DISH Network (393 PRST), Fios by Verizon (818) and Centurylink Prism (1677). Mobile and desktop enthusiasts will find the network digitally at

MOOSE Media ( represents producer time-buy schedules, network advertising campaigns and many marketing functions for the Pursuit Channel. MOOSE is also a content producer of original television and digital video features for such clients as Ducks Unlimited and the GAMEKEEPERS of Mossy Oak.
CONTACT: MOOSE Media @ (662) 492-4000

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