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Predator Hunting Plus Taking Black Bears with ProStaffer Parry Cremeans


Editor’s Note: Mossy Oak ProStaffer Parrey Cremeans is the owner of Just For Hunting ( This outfitting company out of Redding, California, hunts on 35,000 acres in northern California and guides on  thousands more acres of public land. Just For Hunting also books hunts all over the world, such as dove hunts in Argentina, red stags in New Zealand, British Columbian moose and all the states in North America. Cremeans hunts for elk, blacktail deer, mule deer, hogs, predators, waterfowl and any of the game species in northern California. For his personal hunting, Cremeans hunts outside of California in Oregon and Missouri. 

PCremeans4_llSome of the private land that Just For Hunting outfitters has acquired has tons of acorn trees on the property. One of the problems on this property is black bears that come to these acorn flats, tear down the limbs on the acorn trees, eat the acorns and feed on Manzanita berries. Many of these properties are really wide open. So, we have a good chance of seeing and taking black bears during the season. Up until last year, we could hunt bears with hounds in California, but that’s no longer permitted. Last fall, was the first time that bears couldn’t be hunted with hounds, and the quota harvest was only half what it was the year before. In 2012, hunters were permitted to take 1,800 bears. In 2013, only 900 bears could be taken. So, this year, in California, we’re betting that there will be bears around every tree. 

In 2013, we had one hunter who took a spot-and-stalk 400-pound black bear. We have some really big black bears on the properties we hunt. California doesn’t have a spring bear season, and a hunter only can take the bear in the fall. But throughout the winter months, on our predator hunts, we can hunt coyotes, bobcats and foxes. Predator hunting allows us to extend our season long after our deer and elk season has ended. So, if you’re looking for a trophy black bear and/or you want to extend your season by predator hunting, this year in California, there’s plenty of great opportunities. Most hunters in the East don’t realize how game-rich California is - not only for deer and elk, but also for bears, predators and hogs. Because we have the advantage of being able to hunt on private lands, we’ve been able to increase the amount of game on each property. If you want to get out of the rut of hunting the same places every year, want to hunt in a different part of the country and want to hunt animals not found in the East, come and go hunting with us. We’ll show you how effective your Mossy Oak camouflage can be out here in the far West. Call 650-888-0808 to learn more, or check out the website. 

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