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Parrish Elliott Tells about After His Tree Stand Fall


Editor’s Note: Parrish Elliott is an accomplished bowhunter, who is a member of the PSE and Mossy Oak Pro Staffs. During deer season he lives in trees, but his career as a bowhunter nearly came to a tragic end recently.

When I began to replay the accident in my mind, I realized I had only fallen about 3 feet before the safety harness stopped my fall. My waist was just about even with the platform of my tree stand. So, I only fell only about half of my body length before the harness stopped me. I got back into my stand without any problem. The only place that I felt any pressure when the harness caught me was in my upper groin. But the good news was that I wasn’t hurt at all. I was just a little sore for one day. I decided I’d take that irritation any day of the week, instead of hitting the ground from 24 feet above it. 

safety4_llOnce I settled down, I pulled my bow up in the tree and got all my equipment arranged to continue my hunt. I took my cell phone out and texted my wife, “Don’t freak out. I'm okay, but I fell out of my tree stand.” Immediately, she texted me back and said, “Are you sure you’re okay?” My return text said, “Hunter Safety System ( saved my life.” The only thing my wife ever was concerned about when I went hunting was that one day I might fall out of a tree. On this day, it happened. As I looked down from my tree stand, I saw some big rocks below me where I would’ve hit if the safety harness hadn’t caught me. At that point, I realized without the fall-restraint device, I probably would be dead. 

When I arrived home, I told one of my friends, “In 30 years of hunting, I've never stepped over the end of my platform like I did on this hunt. I've always been cautious to make sure my foot is on the platform before I’ve shifted my weight.” In the last 3 weeks, we've had two young men in the community where I live fall out of tree stands - a 20-year old and a 22-year old. They're both paralyzed right now. 

I'm married, I have children, and I have a newborn baby. When I go hunting, I want to make sure I come back in one piece to see my family. So, I’d advise everyone: DON’T CLIMB INTO A TREE, CLIMB DOWN FROM A TREE OR SIT IN YOUR TREE STAND WITHOUT A SAFETY HARNESS!!!!!! I told a friend a couple of days ago, “I wouldn’t care if those safety harnesses cost $600. I’d still buy one. I’m convinced a safety harness is worth its weight in gold. I think Hunter Safety System and other manufacturers who make fall-restraint harnesses are saving many hunters’ lives. One thing for sure, I’ll never go up another tree without my safety harness on, and I encourage you to make that same promise to yourself and to your family. 

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