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Muzzleloader Hunting Quick Tips

Pat Epling with Mossy Oak provides some of his favorite tips and tricks for muzzleloader hunting.

Muzzleloader Tip 1: Prepare for a Second Shot

Whenever you’re muzzleloader hunting, be prepared for a second shot. One way to save time is by attaching the ball starter to you with a rope and carabiner. You can let go of it quickly without losing it so you can grab your ram rod.



Muzzleloader Tip 2: Wear Fingerless Gloves

It’s difficult to identify what you’re grabbing in your pocket when your fingers are covered. Wearing fingerless gloves while muzzleloader hunting helps you feel what you’re grabbing for in your pockets for that follow-up shot.



Muzzleloader Tip 3: Use Identifiable Containers

Keep you powder and rounds in different types of containers so you can easily determine which is which when your grabbing for the next shot.



Muzzleloader Tip 4: Carry Doubles

Carry doubles of your powder, shells and primer in case you drop one in haste. It’s insurance to help you get the follow-up shot off quicker.



Muzzleloader Tip 5: Hold On to the Ram Rod

Getting the ram rod back in the holder can take up valuable time when you’re trying to get off the second shot. Practice shooting your muzzleloader while holding the ram rod against the firearm.



Muzzleloader Tip 6: Practical Practice

As with any other method of hunting, it takes practice off the field to have success in the field. Shoot your muzzleloader as much as possible with as close to a hunting scenario as you can get using the previous tips. Be sure to take care of your muzzleloader with proper cleaning as well.



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