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Lisa Jane – What She Sees as Her Future in Hunting


Editor’s Note: Lisa Jane Barron, known as the Writing Huntress, and her husband currently live in a township of 16 people in North Dakota, a far cry from her hometown of Rochester, New York. She’s been writing and spreading, according to her, “Social media hunting cheer,” for the past 3 years through her blogs Hunt Like You’re Hungry and Ask the Writing Huntress.

As I mentioned (see Day 1), I played ice hockey since I was 10. Hockey was my life. During my early years, before everyone started growing, I played defense. A couple of seasons passed, and my coaches realized I wasn’t getting any bigger. When they came and told me I was going to start playing center, I took speed-skating lessons. I eventually turned into the small, speedy girl who played like an annoying gnat and was seemingly born on skates. Never having reached 5-feet tall, I experienced what was known as “little man syndrome.” I always felt like I was underestimated on the ice, because I was so short. I always went out on the ice with the intention to skate faster and work harder than everyone else.

LisaJane5_llThat attitude to persevere has impacted my outdoor writing too. My goal is to continue to write for the outdoor industry. Being a writer combines three of my favorite things: hunting, writing and wearing camo face paint. I want to become an advocate for the outdoor cause. I believe so much in the benefits of hunting. I want to show the world that not only is hunting alive and well, but also it is an important segment of many cultures. I’d like to travel the globe, researching hunting practices of different cultures and exploring the lives of individuals dependent on hunting for their diets. Hunting isn’t antiquated, cruel or barbaric. I see hunting as beautiful, ancient, sacred and the best way to ensure the wildlife of the earth is protected and respected.

Hunting has taught me to revere food as well as the earth. My love of the outdoors connected me instantly with my husband and even allowed me to maintain a healthy relationship with food, something I never thought possible. The term “hunter” or “huntress” may mean different things to different people, but to me, it’s who I am and what I do and describes a life I wholeheartedly love and am blessed to live.

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