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Jim Shockey’s Greatest Hunt of Last Season


Hunting always has been my passion, but my new passion is hunting more. Last year I was on the road traveling all over the world for 305 days,including the time I spent at trade shows and consumer shows promoting hunting and working with my sponsors like Mossy Oak. So, those 305 days weren’t just days in the air or days in the woods. Some of that time was related to the hunting business, which I also really enjoy. 

Another question I'm often asked is, “Jim, you travel all over the world, and you hunt for all types of game. What was your favorite hunt this past year?” My favorite hunt every year is when I get to hunt with my daughter Eva and her husband Tim Brent. Anytime I'm hunting with Eva I love every second of it. 

Tim, Eva and I were able to hunt bears on Vancouver Island - that was a fantastic hunt! On that hunt, Tim and Eva were engaged.  So, I really got to know my future son-in-law on that hunt. Anytime you're in a hunting camp with someone, if a person has issues with his or her personality, those issues will surface. But after that hunt, I was happy to say that Tim passed every one of my concerns. I found him to be fearless, tough and confident. I decided that Eva and Tim were a perfect match for each other, and Tim would be a great son-in-law for me. I really look forward to hunting with Tim and Eva more. 

What I really enjoy about hunting with Eva is that she is so fun to be with. Sometimes she can be funny in a mean way to her poor old daddy (grin). She is always smiling, and she’s always up for a good joke or a good laugh. Being out in the wilderness and sharing moments of my life with Eva are just fabulous. So anytime I can go hunting and be with family, those are always the best hunts of the year.  

For me, hunting is all about family. In my relationship with Mossy Oak, I hear people at Mossy Oak talking about family, and Mossy Oak has the same family values that I have. 

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