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Dana Wall Became a Bowhunter to Be with Her Beau


Editor’s Note: Chad Wall and his wife Dana, who are the hosts of “Wallhanger TV” on the Pursuit Channel, live in Springfield, Louisiana, on an alligator farm. The webpage is and you can find them on Facebook.

Dana Wall, a seasoned videographer, hunter and co-host first started hunting, as she says, “As a little girl with my dad,” and never has lost her passion for being in the outdoors. And, she can’t remember a time that she hasn’t worn Mossy Oak.

“I like what Mossy Oak stands for, as much, if not more, than I like the camouflage that the company creates,” Dana Wall explains. “Instead of trying to build celebrities on television, they want their TV shows to be passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. They are also a very family-oriented company. We are proud and excited to be in the Mossy Oak family. I particularly like the new Mossy Oak Infinity pattern.

Wall3_ll“I started shooting bows when I started dating Chad more than a decade ago. I always had hunted but never really bowhunted. Chad got me a used Diamond bow from the archery shop in town when I was 21-years old. He dialed the poundage down to 30 pounds. I didn’t start shooting arrows at first. I just started pulling the bow back to strengthen my muscles. I learned that pulling the bow required different muscles than I’d ever used. For about a month, all I would do is pull the bow back. I wanted to try and get the right form, foot position and anchor point and learn to do everything right, before I ever put an arrow in the bow. This practice really helped me out a lot to tone my muscles and to make drawing a bow a natural and comfortable movement. After I got my form down, and my muscles built-up, I added arrows to my bowstring and started shooting at 10 to 15 yards. I had the benefit of having a coach (Chad) who worked with me all summer long.  Before Chad started teaching me to shoot the bow, I had gone hunting with Chad with a gun and shot a Remington 7mm-08. But once I learned the proper form and could shoot accurately, I was able to bowhunt with Chad. I really got hooked on the sport. 

Most of my hunting had been in Mississippi, which wasn’t far from where I grew-up. I had always hunted with my dad, until Chad came along. Since Chad and I were both from Louisiana, and Chad was in the alligator farming business and hunted and caught alligators during the wild alligator season, I started hunting and catching alligators with him. Our love for hunting allowed us to spend more time with each other. We would hunt together during deer season, and we could catch alligators together, during alligator season. Today I pull 49 pounds on my Elite Hunter.

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