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Crissy Springer of Babes, Bullets and Broadheads Explains the Responsibility of Sharing The Hunting Tradition


Editor’s Note: This unique organization, Babes, Bullets, and Broadheads (BBB) was started by three moms who hunt with rifles, muzzleloaders and bows. All three of these ladies - Beverly Sisk, Amanda Chance and Crissy Springer - started hunting as soon as they could walk when their families took them hunting. Today, these ladies take their children hunting. Some years ago, these ladies were aware that somebody should be working to promote women and children in the outdoors, and they decided this would be their mission in life. BBBs host women-only hunts throughout the year, promote and take children hunting and participate in other organizations’ activities to get more women and children involved in hunting sports.

I’m from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, my husband’s name is Scott and I have two sons - Cory Moss,  20, and Cody Moss, 14, and two stepdaughters - Erin Springer, 21, and Rachel Springer, 14. Cody has been hunting since he was 4 or 5 years old, and Cory hunts, but he's not that interested in hunting. I've been hunting ever since I've been old enough to go hunting. My mother and my dad were both hunters. We lived in Florida and hunted deer with dogs back in those days. Sometimes my dad would leave home to hunt without me. My mom would call him on the CB radio and tell him, “You better come back and get Crissy. She’s crying her eyes out to go hunting with you.” My brother, Garth Atkinson, and I always went with our dad whenever we could. When I was 15, I started hunting deer, rabbits and squirrels with my granddad, Robert Smith.  

BBB3_llWhen I met my second husband, he was an avid hunter. I knew that hunting was what I really wanted to do, and I wanted to get my family involved in it. Hunting has been a major part of my life for many years. I feel that getting women and children out in the woods and teaching them the hunting sport is very important. This sport has been a major part of my life and my family’s lives for several generations. BBB passes on the hunting tradition to their families and to women and children outside their families. My children and I really enjoy being in the woods hunting, but we also enjoy being in the woods hunting as a family. At BBB, we’re of the firm belief that if a lady and/or a youngster just will go hunting one time, they’ll find the love and passion we all share for this sport. That’s why we encourage and try to take women and children hunting with us. 

Many times on our hunts we’ll hear, “I never thought I would love hunting until I came on this hunt. Now I get it. I understand what hunting is all about, and I want to hunt more.” There are many, many people without backgrounds in hunting like the three founders of BBB have. They haven’t been raised as a part of a hunting family or in a hunting tradition. We feel we have a responsibility to share what we've learned about hunting, and also the experience of hunting.

To learn more about Babes, Bullets and Broadheads, go to their Facebook page at, or Twitter at Also you can email us through our website or contact any one of us at, or

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