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Beverly Sisk on Babes Bullets and Broadheads and Why This Organization Is So Important to the Hunting Community


Editor’s Note: This unique organization, Babes, Bullets, and Broadheads (BBB) was started by three moms who hunt with rifles, muzzleloaders and bows. All three of these ladies - Beverly Sisk, Amanda Chance and Crissy Springer - started hunting as soon as they could walk when their families took them hunting. Today, these ladies take their children hunting. Some years ago, these ladies were aware that somebody should be working to promote women and children in the outdoors, and they decided this would be their mission in life. BBBs host women-only hunts throughout the year, promote and take children hunting and participate in other organizations’ activities to get more women and children involved in hunting sports.

I live in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. I was the older of two girls and was the tomboy. I went with my daddy hunting white-tailed deer, squirrels and frogs and was like his shadow. I married my husband, Jason, when I graduated from high school, and we've been married for 24 years. I started hunting with my husband, who had hunted some before we got married, like I did with my dad. He was a city boy, and I was a country girl. I had lived on a farm, milked cows, raised chickens, rode quarter horses and went hunting. He hunts much more now than he did before we got married. 

We have one son Kody who’s 23 and who took his first buck with a bow in his middle teenage years. Since we couldn’t find the deer, he got somewhat discouraged with hunting. My husband and I shot a lot of tournament archery, and Kody got interested in shooting 3D archery. He prefers to bowfish than bowhunt, but he really likes to shoot tournament archery. 

Our Babes, Bullets and Broadheads organization not only hunts for deer, bears and turkeys. We also duck hunt, quail hunt and dove hunt. All three of us hunt with rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns and bows. My husband says if there’s a hunting season for a critter, then we hunt whatever is in season. The way Crissy, Amanda and I got together and came up with the idea of Babes, Bullets and Broadheads came from an archery tournament I went to in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. At the tournament, I noticed that there was a blonde girl at the tournament who didn’t have anyone with whom to shoot. One of the men at the tournament asked me and the ladies I was shooting with if we would mind if this blonde lady shot the tournament with us. I said, “No, we’d love to have another female shooting with us.” That blonde lady was Crissy Springer. We got to be friends at that tournament. Crissy had a friend named Amanda Chance. Then Crissy and I went on a lady-only whitetail hunt in Ohio sponsored by “Woman Hunter Magazine” that Crissy wrote articles for at that time. Crissy and I decided that there weren’t enough hunts for women-only and realized we needed a way to bring more women who hunt together more often on more hunts. Then more women could enjoy camaraderie like we did when hunting together. Amanda felt the same way Crissy and I did. So, this was the way we formed BBB. 

I'm often asked, “Why sponsor women-only hunts, children-only hunts, and women-and-children hunts?” I think the answer is the same answer you’ll get from a group of men hunters who say they just want to hunt with the boys. Friendships are created from hunting together, as well as memories that last a lifetime. I believe many women are more comfortable learning from other women than they are learning from men. Men try to teach women to hunt and shoot the way a man hunts and shoots. Often, the guys will get aggravated because the ladies won’t hunt and shoot like they do. In most instances, we've found that women prefer to learn to hunt and shoot from other women who hunt and shoot. I think too women may have more patience with each other than men do.

To learn more about Babes, Bullets and Broadheads, go to their Facebook page at, or Twitter at Also you can email us through our website or contact any one of us at, or

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