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Clint Lindemann Starts Hunting Again


For a couple of months after I was conscious, I couldn’t believe I’d never walk again. After 3 months in the hospital, I was allowed to go back home, where I continued physical therapy and occupational therapy for about another 6 months. I assumed my hunting career was over. But then when I was 18, I learned that there was an organization in North Dakota that took hunters with disabilities bowhunting. The members called me up and asked me if I’d like to be a part of a hunt. I didn’t think I could hunt, but the organization got a crossbow for me to shoot. My dad helped me set up the crossbow with a mounting system I could use to move my crossbow around on my wheelchair. I went on the hunt, and even though I didn’t take a deer, I learned that I could hunt. And, later that first year I did take a deer. When I talked to other bowhunters in wheelchairs, they told me many ideas that worked about how I could continue to hunt, even though I was paralyzed. 

When I returned from that hunt, friends and family members offered to take me hunting with them. I live in a rural community about 7 miles out of town, and our area has a real good deer population all around our farm. That first year I hunted I didn’t have a blind, so I ordered Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage, and I got wrapped up in that camouflage and backed up against bushes and trees to break up my silhouette. Even today I’ll often use the Hunter Specialties burlap that I now can get in Break-Up Country, Shadow Branch and other Mossy Oak patterns. Now I have a pop-up blind - the Primos Ground Max with Shadow Branch camo. 

When I got back into hunting, I also returned to school. After I finished high school, I went to North Dakota State University and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications in 2002. As I grew accustomed to my new body, I spent more and more time hunting and fishing.

To learn more about Clint Lindemann, you can go to his blog at:  and you can also go to YouTube at:

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Clint Lindemann Was Shot - But Still Hunts
“If you don’t think that every day is the best day of your life, try missing one!” Mossy Oak pro, 37-year-old Clint Lindemann of Enderlin, North Dakota, says. “I was on the wresting team, football team and baseball team in high school, and always had been an avid hunter.” Every chance 15-year-old Lindemann had to go to the woods, he and his buddies would deer hunt, until the day he was nearly killed, and his

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