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Sportsman’s Guide Bolderton Tree Stands Featuring Mossy Oak Camo Now Available

Bolderton Tree Stands Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak is pleased to announce new Bolderton tree stands available at Sportsman’s Guide are offered in Break-Up Country. New Bolderton tree stands are available now and come in a variety of styles; one is sure to fit your needs this fall hunting season.

Whether you’re hunting deer or bears a quality tree stand helps you have a successful hunt. The new Bolderton Premium 20-foot Ladder Tree Stand is one of Sportsman’s Guide’s top-of-the-line designs for those who prefer to do their hunting from above. This stand is 20 feet high measured to the top of the built-in shooting rail and manufactured using durable steel HexMag tubing with Weather-All powder coating for longevity. A 22-inch-by-16-inch flip-up style Reflex mesh seat with a 20.5-inch high back rest is included. The footrest is a flip-back design measuring 25-inches-by-26-inches. Other features include a 300-pound weight capacity, Silent Ascent snap pins, and fully-padded shooting rail covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Bolderton 3-man Tree StandThe Bolderton Ultra Premium Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand is designed for hunters looking for extra camouflage and padding. The Ultra Premium is constructed from aluminum and has Silent Stand washers to prevent metal-on-metal contact. The thick, padded foam suspension seat is 19-inches wide and 12.2-inches deep; the platform itself is 20-inches wide and 21.5-inches deep. This model has a 350-pound weight capacity and has its outline broken up by Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

For two-person outings with your favorite hunting partner, Bolderton is now offering the 17-foot Deluxe Two-Man Ladder Stand. This stand has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and measures 17 feet high at the shooting rail. Silent Ascent snap pins and Silent Stand self-lubricating washers are included. The flip-up Reflex mesh seat measures 37-inches wide and 18-inches deep and the Power Grid foot platform is 40-inches wide and 33-inches deep. As with Bolderton’s other models this tree stand is available with Mossy Oak Break-Up Country covering its shooting rail.

When you’re in the woods hunting you need to obliterate as much evidence of your outline as possible. That’s where Mossy Oak Break-Up Country comes in. Since Mossy Oak introduced Break-Up Country in 2015, it has become the no. 1 pattern of choice for deer hunters across North America. This pattern offers incredible effectiveness for concealing hunters in all types of terrain where deer reside. In addition, Mossy Oak is extremely proud that Break-Up Country is the official camo of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), which is a partnership that serves a critical role in preserving and defending the timeless tradition of deer hunting.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is comprised of digitally-enhanced, enlarged natural elements such as limbs, bark, and leaves and is designed to do exactly what its name suggests: break up your outline. Using the pattern on the forward aspects of your tree stand assists in making you harder to see when you’re up a tree waiting on game or predators. At Mossy Oak hunting isn’t just a passion, it’s an obsession.

MSRP varies by model. Bolderton tree stands can be found exclusively at

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