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Chuck’s Woodbarn Launches New Mossy Oak Boot Jack

Mossy Oak Boot Jack

Chuck’s Woodbarn is pleased to announce the new Mossy Oak-patterned Black Jack boot jack. The latest boot jack is available now.

As hunters we rely on many things but without good boots, our time in the field would not be possible. The thing about a properly fitted boot is that if fits your foot precisely,  you might find yourself struggling to remove it. Aside from the potential struggle, toeing off boots damages the heels and toes of your favorite footwear. Then there’s the mud and muck you pick up in the woods and fields; no one wants to grab filthy boots.

Enter the Black Jack boot jack. This boot jack is designed to fit your entire household’s boot removal needs from hunting boots your children’s muddy shoes. It’s manufactured from highly durable composite fiberglass so it’s not only rugged but lightweight and neoprene sleeves on the raised arms of the boot jack prevent scratching on your shoes. Mossy Oak Break-Up patterns the sleeves to show your love of the outdoors and the base of the Black Jack is black. Rubber tips and pads on the base prevent slippage during use. The boot jack is 14 inches long, six inches wide, and four inches tall.

Mossy Oak has a decades-long tradition of working to give outdoorsmen the tools they need for a successful hunt. With the Black Jack boot jack patterned in Mossy Oak Break-Up hunters have an aesthetically pleasing device available to quickly and cleanly remove dirty boots.

MSRP $32.95. Available online at and Made in America. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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