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Chêne Gear Introduces New Exclusive Mossy Oak Bottomland Waders

Several weeks of sneak peeks and previews across social media platforms featuring the all-new Chêne Gear Waders have created heightened anticipation among waterfowl hunters.

On July 14, 2021, Chêne Gear and Mossy Oak excitedly announced the release of their highly anticipated waders exclusively featured in Mossy Oak Bottomland. The all-new wader company Chêne Gear has promised to fill a void for duck hunters searching for high-quality waders. These superior waders will last for years to come and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Chene Gear Mossy Oak Bottomland waders

Setting a higher standard, Chêne Gear Waders are constructed from the highest quality premium waterproof 4-layered nylon fabric available in the world. Most waders on the market are made with a 3-layer polyester fabric. Chêne Gear's nylon is promised to be better than polyester. Nylon is far more abrasion resistant, has significantly greater tensile strength, and offers long-term durability. 

Polyester waders are made of needle and thread; this typically results in leaking among the seam closures. Chêne Gear’s seam closure features a stitch-less process that is mechanically bonded, forming a waterproof seal that lasts and will never leak. Chêne Gear's unique materials and designs also include repositioned placement of seams to the front and back of the legs, eliminating damage caused by rubbing while walking. Additional features include superior durability stitching found in the primary zipper on the chest, the nylon shoulder straps, and chest pockets. 

The waders are also digitally printed in Mossy Oak Bottomland using a cold process that does not damage the nylon fibers, resulting in a soft natural appearance. The high-quality nylon materials and unique designs of the Chêne Gear Waders are quickly becoming one of the hottest and most talked-about designs for the future of waterfowl hunters.

"We believe we are building the highest quality breathable hunting wader available to waterfowl hunters, and we are thrilled to be offering our waders in the best camouflage pattern of all time - Mossy Oak Bottomland," said Jeff Jones, Chêne Gear Designer. 

The Chêne Gear Waders in Mossy Oak Bottomland are available to purchase online. Suggested Retail: $1099.00. For more information on Chêne Gear, go to Chê, or visit them on their social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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