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A whitetail buck may lose up to ¼ of his body weight during the rut. His sole focus is breeding with as many receptive does as he can. Why not give him what he’s been waiting for? Estrus scents are by far the most popular type of deer lure sold; however, they are not all created equal. Freshness, how it’s bottled and how it’s stored can all affect how effective your deer pee will be. Special Golden Estrus actually has its own serial number and “use-by” date to assure its freshness. It is also packaged in amber glass bottles (as opposed to trying to fool you with amber plastic bottles) as oxygen and UV light will quickly deteriorate any real deer urine.



Estrus lures can actually be successful all season long, but are especially effective a few weeks before actual breeding takes place, and then for about a month after. Once radically increased amounts of testosterone begins to flow through a buck’s veins and his antlers turn hard, he is ready to breed. Contrary to what many believe, it’s the does that dictate when the rut will happen. So bucks are ready to breed as early as September. However, they won’t kick it into the next gear until the doe’s exhibit signs of coming into estrus.

There are numerous ways to try and get your scent to be noticed by a buck. There are drags, atomizers, boot-pads, wicks and heated scent dispensers to name a few. Scent trails are a great way to use Special Golden Estrus and the most effective way to set up the trail is with a PRO-DRAG. This tool allows you to lay the trail off of the exact path your feet are taking, wherever possible, to leave the cleanest, most pristine trail possible. Its two super absorbent felt tails will fit right into a bottle of scent so you can easily freshen the drag when needed.

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