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Learn about Why to Plant BioLogic’s Clover Plus for Turkeys


Editor’s Note: Austin Delano works in Research & Development for Mossy Oak BioLogic as well as wildlife and habitat consulting. 

Clover Plus uses five different varieties of red and white clover, as well as two varieties of chicory. We use multiple varieties of clovers in Mossy Oak BioLogic Clover Plus for several reasons. Different types of clover mature at various times of the year. Also, some clovers grow better in certain types of soils than other clovers. So, by planting Clover Plus, we can help ensure that our hunters have good success with our clover and chicory to not only attract turkeys and deer, but to continue to produce high quality forage, regardless of soil type. 

The different varieties of clover in Clover Plus also grow to different heights. Clover Plus generally grows a lower than Non-Typical Clover. As with any perennial, Clover Plus needs to be sprayed to kill weed problems that compete for the nutrients in the soil and also does well when mowed. When managed properly and with good weather, these clover blends can be productive for 3-5 years before it has to be replanted. 

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