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Heartland Bowhunters Talks Perfect Bow Setup

man concealed with camo draws back bow in a tree

Pictured products: Mossy Oak Country DNA and Bowtech Archery

There's a lot that goes into a good archery setup, and just about everyone's is a little different according to what works for them and the type of hunting they do.

We've asked Michael Hunsucker from Heartland Bowhunters to answer some of the most common questions on hunting archery set ups. He offers his professional opinion on the matter and tells us what he uses and why.

Which Kind of Bow Release is Best?

Trigger release, thumb release, tension release...there's a lot of options for a hunter to choose from. Michael talks about which works best for him and why.

Should You Use a Fixed Blade or Expandable Broadhead for Deer Hunting?

Though the expandable broadheads can do a lot of damage, sometimes the fixed blades are the right choice for you. Michael walks us through what the two options look like to different hunters.

Best Sight for Bow Hunting Deer

Lots of sights are available to bowhunters. Single pin sights, multi pin sights, fixed pins, sliding pins...Michael talks what he prefers and why. 

What Weight Arrow for Deer Hunting?

Michael from Heartland Bowhunter talks about his arrow weights and what he prefers and why.

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