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Best Time to Feed a Hunting Dog

By Bill Gibson, Mossy Oak GameKeeper Kennels

When it comes to hunting dogs, it’s important to make sure they are fed the night before heading out to hunt. This gives the dog food about 12 hours to be digested. The reason we do this is to meet the dog’s nutritional needs for energy to retrieve, stay warm and to perform at his best.

There is no need to feed your hunting dog the morning of the hunt. There is no benefit in doing so because the food will not have time to digest for optimal performance in the field and blind.

At Mossy Oak, our four-legged friends work, play and live outdoors with us. One of the most important decisions we will ever make is the food that we feed them. Nature's Menu provides natural wholesome energy and complete nutrition that active dogs need with a flavor that they absolutely love. Do your best friend a favor and pick up a bag at your local Dollar General, they'll let you know just how good it is.

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