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Beating The Drought: Supplemental Feed

7-24 Drought
Many sections of the country have experience moderate to extreme drought this summer. Day time temperatures over 100 degrees have been common this year in many places, and not just the south. With the scorching temps and lack of rain, warm season food plots as well as perennials can really take a hit and you may lose a crop. If you are not already using supplemental feed on your property, now is a good time to start. Supplemental feed can really help fill the gap when crops fail or go dormant due to lack of rainfall and heat.

RECORD RACK® PROFESSIONAL is a great protein pellet designed just for whitetails. Getting deer started on protein pellets can sometimes be a little tricky, we suggest using a starter ration like Record Rack’s Golden Deer Nuggets or corn at a 50/50 ratio at first to get your deer acclimated to the feed. As they get used to it, you can gradually decrease the amount of “candy” in the feed until you are feeding 100% protein pellets.

Keeping feed dry is also a big part in keeping the deer interested in the feed, we suggest using a covered trough feeder or a broadcast feeder that only puts out what the deer can consume so that there is not any waste feed laying on the ground to spoil.

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