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Woody Sport Muck Boots

Provided by Brian Stephens | 


Recently, I was on a hunting trip in South Dakota. Leading up to the trip, I was tracking the weather via the Mossy Oak Scoutlook Weather App, so I knew what to expect. As I got closer to the date of departure, it was clear it was going to be extremely cold! Knowing this, I was on the search for a warm pair of hunting boots that were also waterproof. After looking at a lot of boots, I decided to go with the Mossy Oak Break-Up Woody Sport Muck Boots. This turned out to be a great decision.

The Woody Sport Mossy Oak camo hunting boot is 100-percent waterproof, lightweight and has a flexible design. So many of the boots that I looked at were really bulky and heavy.  While they had a nice level of insulation, I needed a boot that combined a high level of insulation but were still “athletic” enough to allow me to walk longer distances and were not heavy. The Woody Sport has 5mm of CR flex-foam insulation that has a temperature rating of -20 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather while in South Dakota ranged from 1 to -20 degrees hunting out of a tree stand.  Based on our filming and hunting set ups we had to walk a long range to ensure we did not disturb the core hunting areas.

MuckBoot_llThe Woody Sport did a great job of keeping my feet warm in these extreme temperatures and was extremely comfortable.  I will say that no matter what boots you wear, it is always a good idea to layer your socks in these extreme conditions.  I used a thin liner sock then a heavier sock and was able to sit for long periods of time.  With the rut in full swing, it was necessary to be able to sit virtually all day in spite of the extreme cold weather.

This boot features a breathable airmesh lining, molded rubber Speed-Tracker outsole combined with a molded EVA midsole. The stretch-to-fit topline binding snugs to the calf to keep warmth in and cold out. For me this is really important.  I like a boot to have a snug fit to my leg for a few reasons.  First, because it helps to keep the warmth in and secondly, the boots are not making noise because they are flapping against my leg.  A snug fit is an important feature!

The Woody Sport is 16 inches tall and weighs 4.21 pounds per pair of boots.  The other feature that I really liked was the sole and traction on the bottom of the boots.  It was aggressive enough to help me deal with hills, rocks, mud and lots of snow.  The combination of the warmth, comfort and ruggedness of the boot were driving factors in my decision to purchase these boots.  

While there are a lot of quality boots on the market, I was really pleased with how these boots performed in this extreme environment.  Finally, I was able to sit for long periods of time without my toes feeling like they were going to fall off due to the extreme cold conditions.  Finally, I like that the upper portion of the boot fit snug to my leg keeping my foot warm, and they were really quiet when walking.

Overall, the Muddy Sport hunting boot in Mossy Oak Break-Up would be a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, warm and lightweight boot that is not overly bulky.  To learn more about the Muddy Sport or any of the other Muck Boots go to


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