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The Covert MP6 Black—Scout Now

CovertMP6_llMossy Oak takes pride in aligning itself with seaworthy manufacturers that are proud to fly the Mossy Oak flag and provide consumers with purposeful products. One of those manufacturers, Covert Scouting Cameras, offers hunters the new-for-2013 Covert MP6 Black. Designed for those looking for an invisible flash camera at an economical price point, the MP6 Black features 40 invisible flash LEDs and offers 8 megapixel post card quality photos. Also pleasing is its 1.2 second trigger speed, which means you won’t miss that buck of a lifetime. Each photo is stamped with the date, time, temperature and current moon phase. Rounding out the features of this surveillance gem is its color viewer, 45-foot flash range and 1 to 3 photo burst. 

Now is the time to get a few MP6s up and operational on your hunting grounds. Why? For starters, well-placed game cameras will let you know which bucks survived the winter months so that you can start making your 2013 hit list. In addition, game cameras provide invaluable insight into the overall health of your deer herd, your buck-to-doe ratio and will keep you abreast to the number of predators lurking on your ground.

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