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Tech Mesh Apparel In the Field

Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV


You can have the best gun, bow, ammo or equipment for your hunt but if you cannot stay comfortable when hunting, you will not be in the woods long. This is true when it is hot and when it’s cold. Over the past decade moisture wicking types of clothing have really taken off, not only in the sports world but in the hunting industry as well. Tech Mesh is a product that has really taken breathable clothing to a new level.  

So what makes Tech Mesh different? This product uses a special blend of 100-percent polyester fibers and 100-percent cotton fibers to form a unique mesh fabric that has the soft feel of 100-percent cotton and is very slow to absorb moisture. By combining these two fibers in a “knitted mesh construction” you achieve a fabric that “breathes,” unlike 100-percent cotton. The benefit to you and me when we are in the woods and outdoors is that Tech Mesh absorbs moisture four times slower than 100-percent cotton and will vent (or dry) this moisture four times faster. This will allow a person to manage the conditions more effectively and be able to stay in the woods longer chasing game.

Tech Mesh features an all natural moisture management mesh fabric that has a Pull, Transport and Vent System.

Pull: Tech Mesh pulls sweat from your body and absorbs into the fabric. 

Transport: Tech Mesh transports this sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric. This process is called wicking. 

Vent: Tech Mesh vents the sweat from the outer layer of the fabric into the atmosphere. This allows you to stay cool and to not be slowed by the extra weight.

Tech Mesh is an all-natural moisture management mesh fabric that allows your body to breathe, your sweat to escape into the atmosphere and the fabric dries quickly.

In case you are questioning this technology, Tech Mesh has all been verified by an independent government certified testing lab. This product really works!  Within this fabric there is a clear micro-fiber that that has been incorporated that forms a tough “web” of protection throughout the garment.  This gives Tech Mesh the durability to withstand the rugged outdoors and wear and tear we put our hunting clothes through during long hunting season.  

TechMeshrev_llAll of these factors give Tech Mesh its unique characteristics of strength, durability, breathability and softness. 

Tech Mesh was developed to enhance the performance of all athletes by keeping the athlete cooler and drier by not allowing your workout gear to become heavy with sweat. This technology has so many applications for us hunters during the Spring and Summer months. When we are chasing Osceolas down in Florida or Easterns in the Southeast on those warm days, the Tech Mesh is perfect to allow us to stay out all day to get the job done.  I also really like the fact that the hunting shirts have a fit that is low profile so when you are on the go you can concentrate on the hunt.  When you put the shirt on you will immediately recognize how comfortable it is but know it can take a beating due to its durability.

I can also think of how effective the Tech Mesh will be when we are hog hunting in the summer or during those early season deer hunts when it is still in the 90s. To be able to have a shirt that will keep us cool and breathe along with keeping us concealed with the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern is key to having a successful hunt. 

If you work out or do any other outdoor activities Tech Mesh has a variety of other products that are perfect for keeping you cool by providing a breathable garment. I will workout year round to stay in shape for the types of hunting we do. I will be wearing some of the compression and other Tech Mesh Sports shirts when I am in the gym or in the back yard shooting my bow in the off-season.  

Tech Mesh shirts are all American made. To learn more about the Tech Mesh Shirt in Infinity or any of the other Tech Mesh products go to

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