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Scoutlook Weather Website - The Guess Work is over....

Are you the kind of bowhunter  that just picks a weekend and goes hunting no matter what?  There is nothing wrong with that approach, as we have all done it.  Are you the kind of bowhunter that plans every aspect of your hunt to the point where it is analysis by paralysis?  If you are like me you are somewhere in between these two types of bowhunters.  I have learned that if you are going to harvest a big mature deer it rarely happens without some planning and strategy to approaching this animal.  Up until now I had to pull a lot of different types of information to plan the hunt and determine the correct stand location based on wind, food sources, hunting pressure, moon phases, and weather trends, ect.. Understanding these factors are key if you are hunting a particular buck or trying to focus on a new location based on what you have seen from game cameras.  Even as someone who is on the Internet a lot and fairly savy due to our business being Internet based.  It does get old having to go to soo many different places.


Well the guys from have had similar experiences when trying to plan hunts.  That is why they developed as a comprehensive outdoorsman's website tool.  This website is AWESOME as it provides information around wind, food sources, barromatic pressure, weather, moon phases, travel zones, and bedding areas are key factors to consider to plan that hunt five miles away or a hunt 200 miles away.  "We some times take short cuts when hunting close to home because of the convenience factor vs. being more strategic when going to Illinois or Iowa for a week to bowhunt.  So, where do you find all this information and how do you put it all together?  In the past you had to use TOPO Maps, weather websites, moon phase charts, game cameras to help layout all the data to consider."- Team.


I have been using to help me plan my hunts at our farm in North Georgia that is just a few minutes away or recent hunt I was on in Illinois that was 4oo miles away.  What I love about this site is the ability to determine my deer stand locations via Mapping Capabilities, Detail Forecasts near my hunting stands, Lunar Phases, Barrometric Pressures, and most of all the Scent Cone based on the wind direction.  This website is so user friendly that is allows you to customize your property details and know where to hunt and the conditions on day you want to hunt.

Some of the features and tools of this site are the following:

  • Integrating Everything hunters need to know into the exact locations of your stands
  • Built a proprietary resource database of weather Data from multiple sources, merged for accuracy down to a 3 sq. Mi grid, NOT Zip Code.
  • We are hunters, not Vegetarians.  Why support the big media companies who largely stand on the other side of the aisle.
  • Creative solutions – rendering data in useful ways, integrating solunar, lunar, wind mapping, location saving, mobile access, hourly view of barometer into 1 resource
  • Log books coming soon
  • Mobil app shakes hands with main site, anything saved while afield shows up on PC, and vise versa.  ScoutMarX – lets you save variety of points on your device & pc so you can return to them to hunt, whether in the dark or daylight to hunt, track or recover game.  Scrapes, rubs elk wallows, water holes, food sources, blood trails.  Its all there.

I have also downloaded their i-phone app and will use in while in the tree stand to plan my next hunt or determine where I am going to sit based on the wind direction and Scent Cone.  I am very critical of other websites to be frank. is one of those sites that actually helps you be more productive.  Cy and the team have put a lot into this site based on their passion for bowhunting.  Using and joining the site is FREE so there is NO reason not to start using it.  This is one of those "no brainer" websites that you need to be going to on a regular basis.  It truly does provide you with critical information ALL IN ONE PLACE to help you eliminate the guess work to determining where to hunt, when to hunt and all in a convenient manner for us to be better bowhunters.  This is one piece of Archery Equipment and Resources you really should consider using.  We use this resource on a daily basis to help us determine what stands may be the most productive based on the wind direction and the scent cone feature of this website.  It takes the guess work out of what stand should I sit at.  Recently, Scoutlook and Mossy Oak have partnered up as a supporter of a number of the resources available to the hunter within the Scoutlook platform.


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